It was a sweet torture for Agustin, knowing that what they were doing was wrong, but so enjoyable. He would melt under her caresses. They made him understand why cats were always begging to be petted. It felt so good! No matter if she was a succubus or not, he loved the feeling of her fingers in his hair and this closeness never experienced before with a woman. The sounds of their heartbeats – both rushing - were covering any other possible noise. Her perky breasts were carving their shapes in his chest. His body was suddenly on fire.

Her lips were soft, and he would have kept kissing them for an eternity. The touch of her tongue came as a surprise, making him want more though. He quivered, throwing her a questioning glance, and she got it as an invitation to explore his mouth. It was strange, but he didn't mind it. By contrary, that coaxed his own tongue to investigate past her lips into a tentative playful fencing game.

One of his hands now was on Michela's nape, half caressing it, half playing in her hair, and the other across her waist, drawing her even closer to him if possible. Just that he wasn't realizing what he was doing, and he would have sworn later that no, he couldn't lay his hands on her so intimately...

Michela's kiss was talking to his mouth, as if she was drawing his life out of him with soft little jabs of her chin. It made him forget for a while how wrong and sinful all this was. They were delving into each other, tasting each other with an increased passion. A passion he had never known it was there, deeply buried into his inner self, and which could be summoned only by her, no matter what kind of an angel she was.

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Michela was surprised. She had partially expected the priest to push her away and reject her kiss, but instead he melted under her caresses. Not a word of protest came from him, not even when her arms wrapped themselves around his neck and she pulled him closer to her. She continued caressing his hair and his nape when she deepened the kiss, pressing her body against him to let him feel the details of it under the clothes.

She felt him quivering as she kissed him. At first he seemed hesitant - and it seemed like he did not quite know what to do. But then, to her surprise, she felt his tongue investigating past her lips, and her own tongue wrapped itself around his. She discreetly monitored his reaction during their gradually more heated kisses - ready to pull away if he showed signs of wanting to stop.

But again he surprised her, wrapping one arm around her waist to pull her closer, his other hand caressing her hair and nape. Michela’s own kisses increased in passion, and she discreetly started caressing his chest with one hand while the other hand was still playing with her hair. She had not expected the Priest to become this passionate, but she wanted to see how far he would go before he stopped by himself.

To encourage him she let out muffled moans into the kiss, to show him how much she loved his caresses, and her breathing became heavier as their passion increased. She also rubbed her body against him as they kissed, as an encouragement for him to touch her if he wanted to.

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Actually, half of Agustin wanted to reject the kiss, at least when he understood what it was and how wrong it was, but by that time he was already overridden by passion and unable to do it. By contrary, wanting more&#8230; An indefinite "more" which could mean, in his acceptation, that he would have liked the kiss to never end, no matter how wrong it was. The sensations were exquisite, and it seemed that Michela loved it too. He didn't know if he moaned, like her, or not. He heard only her moans, her heartbeats, her shallow little breaths. Michela had become his whole world.

The kiss continued, soft and teasingly alternating with unexpected passion depths, and he got lost into it. A pressure was building inside him, rising in waves, and he didn't know if Michela's caresses or what exactly had set his whole body on fire. He knew only that something &#8211; not sure what &#8211; was happening, building up from his loins. He didn&#8217;t know what to expect, as until now he had softer similar sensations only in his dreams.

Then suddenly everything went numb, except for that amazing sensation he had never felt before this embarrassing explosion of bliss. Well, he actually had, just half an hour before, when overhearing her confession, but this one was even stronger. He couldn't focus or feel anything else. He shuddered in her arms, holding on that fiery kiss and into the tight embrace, as if this helped in prolonging that, because he felt he was going to die without this direct connection to her.

As Agustin's body clenching relaxed and began to subside, his vision was a little hazy, but he had a moment of clarity, of how wrong was what had just happened. He let his hands down, not clinging on Michela anymore. As their bodies separated, bliss, confusion and shame were all obvious on his face. He should belong only to God, in chastity, faith, prayer...

"Forgive me&#8230; this was extremely wrong," he said. "And I don't understand&#8230;"

He didn&#8217;t understand ANYTHING, ANYMORE, indeed.

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Michela knew that what she did was wrong. If the Archdeacon had seen her like this, entangled with one of the men of the church, he just might have had a word or ten to say to what he saw. But he was not here, nor was the other men in leading position that might have ruined her fun. She was alone with the poor young priest who now seemed to enjoy the kiss almost as much as she did. She had to recommend him for his eagerness when he first got started - he was sweet when he moaned like this when he pressed against her, his heartbeats increasing rapidly as the kisses became more heated.

During the length of the kiss she altered between kissing him soft and teasingly and with the fiery passion that would lead to more severe activities. This priest seemed rather inexperienced, so she suspected that it would not take much to give him the release she thought all priests should experience at least once in their lifetime before they devoted their lives to God. It simply was not healthy to spend an entire life without sex.

She noticed how he started tightening his hold on her, kissing her with more fire, and she realized from his shudders that he was nearing his climax. Giggling inwardly she encouraged him, egging him on until he reached the climax she felt he so sorely needed. When his body clenching relaxed and he looked at her again she was glad to see the expression of bliss in his face - even if she also saw the confusion and shame.
"Forgive me… this was extremely wrong," he said. "And I don't understand…"
“Forgive me, Father,” she replied with blushing cheeks. “Even if I know what we did was wrong, I was carried away by my feelings for you and lost control. I am truly sorry…”

She looked up at him for a moment, then she was unable to resist her next question. "Was it good?"

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They both knew it was wrong, still they couldn’t help getting carried away. Both of them. Agustin couldn't admit it loudly, but he felt she wouldn't take the whole blame on herself. He had his share. Or rather… were her feelings contagious?

He knew about love (and less about lust, as, none of <a href='https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giovanni_Boccaccio' rel='nofollow noopener' target='_blank'>Boccaccio's novels</a> had got into his hands in the years before the seminar) only what literature, philosophy and some songs in fashion that could have been heard on the streets of Venice and on the gondolas had taught him. Nothing else. And right now, confronted with a totally new situation, he didn't know what to think.

If initially he had been tempted to run away from her, to hide his shame and guilt, her question if it was good helped him get rid of a part of the embarrassment. He was more convinced now that she was a succubus... still not entirely sure of this either.

"Yes, it was... sinfully good. Why, have you felt too... a similar thing?" he asked, still confused, with a childish curiousity, the guilt hidden a little behind it and silenced for a brief moment.

He had no idea how bodies work and what it meant. Was it from the kiss itself? It might have not, since… before, in the church, there was only her voice, almost a whisper.

"I know we'll have to confess our sins, each of us. But if we confess about one kiss… would you like more having two to confess about?" he finally asked, on an unsure tone.

Yes, he wanted more. Both because he had enjoyed it and because he was curious. He wanted to understand… if there was anything he could understand. Because poets and philosophers had tried for millenia to decipher the mystery of a kiss.

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Michela enjoyed the kiss more than she was willing to admit. When the Priest got carried away he was a remarkably good kisser for this being his first time. She melted into the kiss, trying to make it last for as long as she could.

While Father Agustin had not read Boccaccio’s novels, Michela had read them and learned them by heart. She often used what was written there to entertain her patrons, along with the other things she did to entertain.

At first when she saw the embarrassment of the Priest she had been afraid that he might run away to hide. Luckily he stayed, making it easier for her to talk to him.

A smile appeared on her face when he asked if she too had felt a similar thing to him during the kiss. “Oh trust me, I felt it too…” she smiled, gently taking his hand and placing it over her chest again.

“Can you feel how my heart is racing? It is because of what we just did. It is normal to feel like this when you kiss someone you are attracted to.”

She smiled when he spoke of the two of them having to confess in the Church for what they have done. But his next question surprised her, making her raise an eyebrow in surprise.

He seemed to want another kiss! She had not seen this coming - but of course, who was she to stop a handsome young Priest - a man of God - from getting what he wanted?

She looked up at him with twinkling eyes, a smile curling softly on her lips. “Why, certainly,” she smiled. “If we are going to be punished for this, we might as well enjoy it first….”

Leaning in, she placed another kiss on the Priest’s lips, sucking slightly on his lower lip when she kissed him. There were at least a hundred ways to kiss a man - and Michela knew of them all.

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Indeed, Michela's heart was racing, like a caught dove, afraid that she wouldn't ever soar to the sky.

"Mine is racing too," he confirmed. "But it was racing before the kiss as well&#8230;"

Agustin felt the struggles of her heart. It was almost the same rhythm his own was racing. Without realizing, he tended to caress, with a delicate, featherly touch, that frightened dove, as if he wanted her to calm down. Still, that caress was more a reflection of the fact that he cared for her, than a proof of sensuality, because he didn't think that way &#8211; and the lightness of the touch proved his innocence.

He was attracted to her too. This was a sudden realisation caused by her words. This was why the kiss tasted so good, this was why&#8230; It was a reply to his childish curiousity. And Michela had nothing against another kiss, and exploring its effects on them.

"Thank you," he beamed. "We'll surely enjoy the kiss. However, I'll have to leave afterwards&#8230; Do you think from here, from the garden, you will be able to find your way to the main gate? I guess it wouldn't be wise to be seen together&#8230;"

He had started reasoning. But her kiss closed again any gates of reason, opening those of feelings. This was a different kiss, and he tried to copy each of her moves. She had sucked on his lower lip. He attempted to nibble on her upper lip gently, There was a lot to explore, and limited time. The conscience that it was wrong, forbidden, and that they could have been caught in any moment, instead of deterring him, now it was fueling his passion. However, its end, the conscience that they would have to part ways, turned the regret and frustration into an original mix, and he wasn't sure anymore about her, again.

"If you aren't a succubus, you'll come tomorrow to start the novena. And on Epiphany, I'll be glad to offer you holy water," he challenged her, still with bright eyes and a warm tone.

He had read that Pope Sylvester II had been allegedly involved with a succubus named Meridiana, who helped him achieve his high rank in the Catholic Church. Before his death, he confessed of his sins and died repentant. If a Holy Pope had survived the encounter with one, even if Michela was also a fallen angel, he would be strong enough to repent. Not upon death, but now. Maybe tomorrow, because today he was feeling so exhausted, both physically and mentally.

"And if you do the novena, to <a href='https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Our_Lady_ ... etual_Help' rel='nofollow noopener' target='_blank'>Virgin Mary of Perpetual Help</a>, to the guardian angel and to your patron saint, Saint Michael, be sure that tomorrow I'll start one too, praying for your deliverance from anything evil," he promised, looking at her with an adoring gaze.

He would surely pray for HIMSELF and for her, because both of them needed such deliverance.

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While Father Agustin did not notice that his hand was caressing her chest, Michela noticed it even more. She smiled, but did not wish to point it out, from fear that the light caresses then would stop. It was a good start for a beginner, and she hoped to make him more experienced than this. She smiled when he said that his heart was racing before the kiss as well.

“Faster than before you saw me in church?” she asked. “Because if it started racing after you saw me it could be the attraction.”

Father Agustin told her that he had to leave after the kiss, and she nodded calmly when he asked if she was able to find her way to the main gate from the garden. It was easier now that she could see the landscape around her and find out where she was. “I will be fine,” she assured him. “You are right that we shouldn’t be seen together. It could lead to many questions none of us wish to answer.”

She enjoyed the second kiss as well as Father Agustin’s willingness to learn. This was only one of many ways to kiss, and she had more kisses to teach him if he would let her. Yet she knew their time was limited so for now she only showed him a few of them.
"If you aren't a succubus, you'll come tomorrow to start the novena. And on Epiphany, I'll be glad to offer you holy water," he challenged her, still with bright eyes and a warm tone.
“I shall return tomorrow then…” she smiled and looked up at him with a warm smile on her lips. “I hope to offer you a lot more than holy water…. You are sweet to think of me in your prayers…. But now I am keeping you from your duties...”

Stepping closer to him, she leaned in and placed a last kiss on his lips, light and playful, as an appetizer for a much more passionate kiss in another meeting. “Until we meet again…” she said, smiling towards him with a sparkle in her eyes, before starting to walk towards the exit with light footsteps.

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Attraction, she had said. So it meant that he was attracted to her too. And how could he deny it, when indeed his heart was racing, and he had found the two kisses literally breath-taking? Or, rather, her presence in general...

"Yes, it was after I saw you," he confirmed in a whisper, reluctantly admitting his attraction towards her.

Of course it was wrong, of course it couldn't... mustn't happen, but... it did.

She agreed that they mustn't be seen together in the garden, and that she would find her way, especially that he took care to explain her what direction to take. He wouldn't let her just feel lost in the middle of a place he knew far better than her; that would have been... un-knightly from him.

At her promise that she was going to return, and to offer him more than holy water, he looked at her with big eyes, replying in a whisper:

"I guess you already have done it..."

Yes, indeed, until they met again - he was going to look forward to seeing her tomorrow... and the next days of the novena... and, what? He had no replies, but his eyes caressed her figure as she was leaving. He remained a little while more - maybe to put a little order in his thoughts, or maybe just to feel again the shadow of Eve luring Adam into temptation in the Garden of Even.

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