Winter Activity Check

Hey friends! You know the drill by now, we're cleaning house and gearing up for our next season of adventure!

Please reply to this thread to stay! If you want to retire any characters say so here as well. Activity Check ends 2.4.2018

If you have an extended LOA or a LOA on the board, you don't have to reply as long as we have spoken from Jan 1, 2018 on.
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Re: Winter Activity Check

I am here to stay!

A bit slower both due to getting a new novel to see the print (and another one to finish), and because I had been left with some plots in the air, but yes, I am here, and if you need my characters for a thread, don't hesitate to tell me what they can help you with!

For now I am keeping all my characters. If Koala doesn't return, I will archive Bessina some day. But perhaps after we finish the thread with @Spiegel ...
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