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In theory, manual labor sounded easy enough, but in practice, it was something Sidonia was not used to, nor had she really lifted a finger much around the Raniero palazzo. Sure she’d taken needlepoint and piano lessons, but shoveling manure? Cooking a stew? Fixing a broken floor board? Nothing of the sort.

The noblewoman groaned at Marco’s sweet caresses over her warm, wet skin and the promise of any kind of animal friend to keep her company. Gazing down upon him under hooded eyes, grinding her pelvis against his member, letting her nether lips graze his cock but not allowing him to impale her yet, she said, “Maybe a dog. A guard dog even? And then horses for us to ride.”

And finally after much teasing, she slipped her walls around his erect phallus and slowly moved up and down. “And a garden to tend to. As you can tell I don’t mind being poked by thorns as long as a beautiful blooming rose is my prize.”

As he kissed upon her nipples and pink areolas, she rewarded him with thighs and movement, allowing him to rest back while she did most of the work to pleasure his manhood.

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