At his words, Sidonia tried to not let the disappointment show. She swallowed bravely and lay her head against Marco’s chest, saying, “You’re right, Signore. I have gotten far too ahead of myself.”

“...there is something I must speak to you about but right now is not an appropriate time...”

What on Heaven and Earth could that be? The noblewoman’s mind immediately went to the idea that the merchant had a wife and perhaps even a family somewhere in Venice, that she was not the only one keeping secrets from loved ones - he was as well. But he had business, he said. And he loved her, he promised.

Smiling and kissing those beautiful lips that had graced every part of her body that night, she said, “I don’t know how I’m going to explain the ripped dress. Likely I’ll have to take it to the servants for mending before Clorinda finds out.”

Sidonia slipped under her bed covers and with her hair in long wavy ringlets, nude as Venus, she gave Marco another tempting grin, her strong noble jaw tilted at an angle that nearly challenged him to stay.

“You must go then. I’ll remain here and continue the ruse of illness.”

Once he finally dressed and left, however, Sidonia would worry herself to sleep and when slumber came it was fitful and plagued with nightmares. She was convinced that Marco was not who he seemed but not in the way that he really was.

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Marco sighs… he did not want Sidonia to be saddened by this news. Looking down at her as he embraced her. “I love you my sweet little Sidonia.” he murmurs as he watches her get up. Then nodding at this, “I can…. take it with me and mend it for you ?” he offers then smiling at her as she glances back to her. On his way to the door. Reaching down to grip her arse firmly. “Tomorrow” he murmurs. “Same time?” he asks as he gets dressed.

????Once he leaves he sighs as he stealthily makes his exit. Not seen by anyone leaving Sidonia to her own thoughts. Once back he does mull over what might go down the next evening…. perhaps he might have to kill the woman if he shuns him away? Humoring that thought had him falling back on the bed with a sigh. Who was he fooling? Kill her? He would not even dare harm a hair on her beautiful body. She was the woman he loved. It was as if his entire world now revolved around Sidonia… how could she cast such a spell over him? He had no idea. ????The next morning he was not his usual self, rather glum. His customers noticed but did not mention anything thankfully. He sighs as he sees Sidonia approaching his stall that evening. Now accustomed to her disguises. He smiles over at her, “Milady” he nods at her. Then sighing as he moves over rather boldly. Planting a kiss on her lips. Trusting that no one knew who she was. “I trust you slept well?” he asks her softly. Closing up the stall.

Leading her down, once in the cellar. He then turns around to hand her the dagger. “There is no more I can teach you milady… you are en expert with the dagger and I am proud to haven been called your teacher” he says softly. “Would you like to show me what you know?” he asks her. The lesson passes on as usual but Marco quite distracted. Once finished, he offers her a light smile and then he nods. Sighing as he eases his coat over his head as he glances back at her. “Now… after I tell you what I must tell you, I do not blame you if you hate me” he says lightly. “Shun me away or decide to cut off all ties with me but hear me out”

“I was hired to kill your brother…. Nicomedes” he says finally. Waiting for that to sink in.
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Re: Point Counterpoint [M]

Sidonia slept so soundly, and when in the middle of the night her mind would dare to crack the surface of consciousness, all she would have to do is think of Marco, and she would sink right back into the blissful depths.

The next day however, Clorinda pushed past her maid, and stormed into her daughter’s room as she slept in late and ripped the covers off of Sid. “Get up! Why are you nude? And you are not an owl, Sidonia. I will not have you sleeping the day away! This has been going on for what…? A few weeks now?”

Sidonia then had to tiptoe around her mother all day as the woman was suspicious, so much that to meet the weapons merchant, the aristocrat had to pile pillows under her covers and slip out of the back entrance of Palazzo Raniero. If her mother found the pillows instead of Sid…? God, cannot help me now, she thought as she raced to the market. I put myself in Fate’s fickle hands.

His kiss was worth the trouble and as they took their place in the cellar, Marco explained that he had no more to teach her. “That is both reassuring and a little frightening,” said Sid, also proud of her accomplishment, but at the end of showing her lover exactly what she’d learned, things took a peculiar turn.

First of all, leaving him for the night was always difficult, but his words… about her brother…

“Signore, I-I… don’t understand.” Of course, a part of her did. She had always suspected her sibling had murdered his fiancé lover… but the fact that an assassin had been hired and that man was actually Marco…

Sid held onto the nearby table for support - the one they’d often fucked upon - but did not falter beyond that. “Please explain.”

Her voice was emotionless, giving nothing away until she would hear the entire story.
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Re: Point Counterpoint [M]

Marco simply sighs as he offers her a light smile. Rather clearly appreciating the fact that she wanted to hear him out. “You see Sidonia… that is what I do. Being a merchant… yes that is part of my profession but it is not where the money I receive comes from. The life I was raised into was not one of a simple weapons merchant. I do other peoples… bidding for coin” he explains.

Then sighing as he walks over towards the table. Gingerly helping her up onto the table and standing before her. “That being said. I do not intend to kill your brother, atleast… not till I know who killed the man people seem to suspect him of killing. Now I understand according to the rumours this man was sleeping with his fiancé but that does not condone his actions and if he is indeed the one responsible I have no choice” he tries to explain.

Then turning to look at the floor. “I understand if you feel as if you ought to strike me and there will be time for that but you have to understand I did not count on the fact that I might fall for you in the process of gathering information. I hired the boy to steal your brooch to gain your attention that day” he says lightly. “Aye. My intentions were to get information but sleeping with you was hardly part of it. I promise you that… this was… not fuelled by my thoughts but the desires that sprang into my being the moment you walked into this cellar for the first time with me” he explains.

“I cannot change who I am… so I won’t ask you to come with me accepting who I am but I cannot forget why I’m here and I must warn you to not reveal who I am to anyone.” he says in a rather dark tone as he stares into her eyes. “I understand that should you decide to leave this room and cut off ties… I’ve likely ruined you by defiling you milady so at the very least I would like to make things right… I have friends in many places and I can arrange for a lord I know to meet with you. He has many sons and you can have your pick from the bunch. They are handsome and have many qualities that might make a good husband” he states. His voice quite pained at the idea.

Then sighing. “But first and foremost. I would like to ask you… did your brother commit this act? Or perhaps was it a person he took a fall for? If you are aware of any information regarding this it will come o
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Re: Point Counterpoint [M]

Sidonia’s dark brows knit together, frown fixed to her face as the aristocrat listened to Marco explain that he wasn’t just a merchant, and he was instead, some sort of mercenary for hire. It wasn’t unusual in Venice which had no organized military and instead a prevalence of opportunists like the Condottieri a few centuries back.

As he helped her up onto the table, he could feel her fingers stiffen, her hands cold.

“I do not intend to kill your brother…”

“Well I should hope not!” she exclaimed as her lover continued talking.

As his tone turned darker, Sidonia shivered and the pair were so close he would be able to feel the fear radiating from her, though she did not tremble. On one hand she enjoyed his low and foreboding growl, but much more as it careened into her willing ear while his cock was plunged deep inside of her.

She was just about to push him away for his upsetting words over her brother, until he said “I can arrange for a lord I know to meet with you” which only made her want to take him into her arms, to quietly sob that she wanted no one else. But she didn’t though tears now pooled in her chestnut eyes. And again, his threats concerning her brother… were they cloaked in suspicion that she had a part in the murders? Or was covering up for Nico?

Instead of telling the truth, Sid felt reckless and bold, stating, “And what if I do know information? Just what will you do with me, Signore?” The question was more of a challenge than a truthful inquiry.
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Re: Point Counterpoint [M]

Marco looks at her with a sigh. Crossing his arms over his chest as he stares at her with a tilted head watching her to gauge her reaction which would help him decide just what he had to do next. Then pressing his lips together when he looks at her with a sigh as tears pool in her eyes. Cursing his weakness he makes his way towards her. His arms wrapping around Sidonia, “I promise you I will not hurt you Sidonia…” he murmurs.

Then easing back as she looks at him with a bold look. He sighs… “I will have to look into the matter and decide what to do on the matter milady. If I find your brother guilty unfortunately… no crime can go unpunished you know that Sidonia” he says gently as he reaches out to wipe the faint trail of tears down her cheek as he then cups her chin.

Tilting her chin upwards so she was staring up into his eyes. “Which is why…. If your brother is innocent I would like to know. I trust you more than anyone in this entire world Sidonia. Just know that. There’s no way in hell… I would go by anyone elses word, and I trust you to not. give away my identity either otherwise I would not be here confiding in you milady” he says finally. “Giving me no response is almost the same as confirming that I must look into the matter so either a yes or a no”. His tone monotone at this.

“Once I do find who is responsible and the task is done… assuming your feelings on…. The two of us are the same I still would like to take you with me when I leave Venice”
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Re: Point Counterpoint [M]

As Marco approached, Sid had the urge to push him away, or slap him even as she’d seen her Sonia do to one of her suitors who’d pinched her derriere at a party. But when his arms wrapped around her, she could not resist him. His rugged smell intoxicated her as usual and as close as he was she could not help but press against him, completely under the merchant’s spell as usual.

Family meant everything to Sidonia; she’d never betrayed a single one of the Ranieros. And yet, could she trust Marco with what she was about to tell him?

“I’ve always suspected my brother had committed the murder in Spain. From a young age, he experienced these religious visions which always disturbed mother and father. His love for the Spanish Duchess was… obsessive. More so than you and I,” she added smiling softly.

“Yes, I think it’s guilty.” Sid put her hand upon her chest, finding the cellar claustrophobic all of a sudden. She leaned into his warm touch upon her face and asked, “Did I just sentence Nicomedes to death?”

She entwined her fingers with his and hoped to God that her parents would not find out what she’d just revealed to her lover or else she was quite sure Cardinal Raniero would exile her from the family home or worse try and assassinate his own daughter.

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Re: Point Counterpoint [M]

Marco looks at her with a sigh presses against him as he hugged her tightly. Then looking at her with steely eyes. He then nods slowly as she smiles. Though feeling a rather sharp pang of guilt… would Marco kill a man if Sidonia was to take another lover? That very question was sending a sharp cry of “Hypocrite” through his being as he looks down at her. Then swallowing as he sighs. Leaning closer to her.

Right now… he knew he would not be able to go through with the job unless she understood it had to be done. He did not want Sidonia to think less of him. Then looking down at her with a sigh as he reaches over to caress her cheek lovingly. “Would… me stating I would do the same in the situation you took another lover… make you think less of me Lady Sidonia?” he ask her softly. “If I were to kill him… when I would not think to punish myself for doing the same act make me less of a man in your eyes?” he murmurs.

“Would it… mean that you wish for our relationship to end.. is this a test?” he asks her softly. Unsure why she revealed this information to him so easily. Surely she expected something of him… in *return* or something of that sort. The thought that it was because she loved him was a bit too painful as this was him discussing about killing her brother. She most likely adored the man that Marco was threatening to kill and the thought of him misusing her love pained him.

“If I do not carry out the job… people will be after my head milady. I truly will have to leave if you want your brother to live I would need a scapegoat” he trails off. “It won’t fool them for long so I will need to leave after receiving the money and that is not an issue for disappearing from sticky situations is a habit… but this time. I would like to bring someone along as I leave. I cannot promise you a life of luxury… nor comfort just that it will be with me… You can decide how much this amounts to in your eye lady Sidonia.” he says with a sigh. “I would like you to make your decision here and now”
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Re: Point Counterpoint [M]

As horrifying as it sounded, Sid was actually flattered that Marco would kill another man for her.

“I suppose who you attempt to kill would matter to me. If it were someone quite innocent and kind, but who was only betrothed to me through an arrangement, I may frown upon that. But if it’s someone like the Baron…?

How quickly Sidonia suggested an execution of the boorish Baron Cicco. Did she really want to get rid of him? If he was out of the picture that would solve at least one problem that kept the pair from each other. Yet she could not assassinate every wealthy, eligible bachelor in Venice in order to be with her ardent lover.

“Now about my brother. If he is, indeed, a murderer than he should be taken to trial or hung or even… yes killed by your knife. But I have no proof of this!”

And suddenly Marco upped the ante, asking for her decision here and now. Without question, she knew what she wanted to say, but in practice that resolution would be difficult. Sidonia pulled herself closer to him, kissing his lips, slipping her soft, pink tongue inside of his mouth, reaching her hand down to caress his cock through his breeches.

How could she refuse a life with her beloved merchant? Yet agreeing to leave Venice him would sentence her brother to death. What a horrible choice to make.

Perhaps she could have the best of both worlds?

“Yes, Signore,” Sidonia said, her hot breath upon his ear and neck, tickling the sensitive skin near his Adam’s apple. “I will leave with you. I will not want for anything but to be by your side.”

Yet inside she was quite sure that once she traveled back to Palazzo Raniero she would try to warn her brother before Marco arrived to snuff out his life.

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Re: Point Counterpoint [M]

Marco sighs as he smiles. “Don’t start getting any ideas… as far as I’m concerned he has yet to lay a hand on you” h replies softly as he smiles at her. “I will not kill without reason” he replies with a smile. “Even if the reason…. is that you will it to be so” he replies with a pause. Then nods slowly as she says this, Marco nods. “You understand” he says gently. “Good” he murmurs with a sigh as he then feels her lips against his.

He feels her hand drifting lower to grip his member. Staring into her eyes as he then breathes against his neck. He swallows before then proceeding to push her down against the table as he all but tears her own trousers off, thankfully the dress she would wear back was beside her on the table neatly folded as he spreads her legs apart before entering his lover. He smiles down at Sidonia as he was now fully within her warm folds. “I love you” he whispers.

Mashing his lips against hers as he starts off.. unlike other times where he begins things off slowly and taking his time he was furiously pounding away at his lover. Feeling the table shaking underneath her as it continues to slam against the wall behind her. He grins down at her as he stares into her brown eyes. “I will take you far away…. I have the money milady… we can.. ugh s-start a family… I will…. leave my work ugh… to make sure I am there for you and so that… leaving here would not have been in vain” he grunts between his thrusts as he made rough love to her.

“You belong to me” he growls out as he stares deep into her eyes. Panting as he leans closer to rest his forehead against hers as he kisses her again. “I will make sure you do not regret this decision milady” he growls out.
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