Re: Point Counterpoint [M]

Sid smiled. It was true that the Baron was annoying, unsavory and dull, but he had never tried to force himself upon her aside from trying to steal a kiss or two as they sat together one afternoon. The aristocrat denied his advances of course.

“I would never…” she trailed off. Whether Sidonia knew it or not, Marco had taught her a fair amount on how to wield a dagger, even how to kill with one. He could rest assured that while the Lady would never attack someone on a whim, she could actually defend herself.

At her revelation that she would follow him anywhere Marco took her forcefully upon the table, and their lovemaking was a violent whirlwind of lust. Sidonia resisted but only enough that he’d realize it was a game, and that she really wanted him to force her to take his cock, at whatever pace he pleased. Her own pleasure would take a backseat, and she moaned softly and even sunk her teeth into his neck.

“I want nothing more than to start a family with you,” she said breathlessly as he relentlessly rocked his hips against her. Wealth, be damned, she thought. They would make due somehow what what little Marco had and no dowry from the Ranieros.

“You belong to me”

“I do, Signore. You are my lord and master, and I cannot be with another.” Grateful again that he was not going to cast her aside as a ruined noblewoman, her legs opened further, pelvis tilting and undulating against him until she cried out in a glorious climax, her walls contracting around his cock. She only needed to get to Nico before Marco did… to warn him and ensure that the information leak did not… could not… have come from her.

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Re: Point Counterpoint [M]

Marco looks down at Sidonia as she says this. Smiling down at her as he moves one hand to her cheek as he kisses her softly after she’d marked his neck with a few red bruises. Her teeth marks fresh…. leaving him feeling quite raw as they gave into each others desires. “Ngh… I suppose… heh you’ll end up naming the children in the end huh?” he asks her with a smile as he rests his forehead against hers. “I will make you happy my love.” he grunts between thrusts as he drove into her.

Smiling as she says this, “G-good” he grunts. “Because if that is not the case I will make whatever man lays eyes on you a way I do not like rue the day he was born” he growls out as he stares down at her, feeling her walls clenching around him. Though he was not over as he pants heavily. Smiling down at her as he flips her over before piercing her again. He was not going to let her rest that night. Starting to pound away. After numerous bouts of lovemaking. Marco could hardly walk as he pulls out of his lower as she lay there on the table. Seeming dazed. He chuckles lightly as she had simply turned over and fallen asleep. Most likely spent from Marco wearing her out with his animalistic libido that seemed to have sprung out of nowhere.

Marco ended up dressing Sidonia after cleaning her up before carrying her back to her mansion. Without much difficulty able to scale the wall with her in tow as he enters the room. Thankfully the window unlocked… perhaps hoping that he indeed would sneak in ? He shrugs it off as he lays her down on the bed with a smile, then tenatively easing the sheets over her as he tucks her in. Kissing her forehead lightly. “I will see you tomorrow milady” he murmurs. He would get the job done tomorrow and the day afterwads.... he would escape with his lover.
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Re: Point Counterpoint [M]

With his forehead against hers, his arms encircling her and his hips grinding his cock into her, Sidonia felt as though this was exactly where she needed to be. And she smiled when her lover mentioned her naming the children. “Of course if it’s a boy, we shall name him Marco.” And she began to spin up a few names for a daughter but Marco’s masculine grunting distracted her as did the following orgasm and the way he boldly turned her over on her belly, buttocks in the air for his perusal and penetration. He filled her with pleasure and friction so sublime that she nearly wept and did momentarily fall asleep.

Once he had his lady tucked back into her bed, she kissed him deeply before he hurried back out of the window. Oh how she wanted to sleep, twice as sore and weary as the man was, but she needed to warn Nicomedes. Waiting a good thirty minutes until Marco was truly gone, fighting sweet slumber the entire way, Sid eventually sprung out of bed, pulling on a shift and then carefully lighting a candle to light her way to Nico’s room.

She stopped in front of it, pushing it open, but realized quickly he was not in his own bed. Descending the largest staircase in the palazzo, her bare feet making soft padding sounds upon the cold stone, she finally found him, face illuminated first in her view, then body as he sat upon a chair in the library.

“Why are you sitting here in the dark, brother?”

“Just thinking Sidonia. Mostly of her.”

The Raniero sister paused and began to speak but could not get the words out. How strange it was that Nico remained in quiet solitude the way he did, though quirkiness did not a murderer make.

The disloyalty to Marco… she could not bear it.

“I’ll leave you to your musings,” she said quickly and went back upstairs, pulled her bed covers up to her chin and wept a little that for the life of her, Sidonia could not betray her lover… not even to save her own brother.

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Re: Point Counterpoint [M]

Marco smiles as she grinds against him. Sighing as he rests his forehead against hers before smiling. “Mmm I’d like that” he replies softly. Marco does take his leave. Back to his place he does spend a few hours preparing. Getting his daggers, a few tucked into his shoe in case he does need them. A couple in his jacket and sleeve. Once he was ready. Easing his coat on, pushing the thought away that Sidonia might end up full of regret he does take his leave from the room. It was almost dawn as he enters her residence.

Passing her room as he sees her under the sheet. The darkness not leaving her sleeping, wet face visible otherwise he would have made a beeline to go reassure the girl. After a rather thorough search he does make his way down the stairs to see a dim light coming out of a room, which he soon discovers to be the library. Making a swift entry in, and then proceeds to hold him still with the dagger to his throat. He does not stand still so a struggle ensues leaving Sidonias brother unconscious with a nasty bruise to the side of his head but very much alive. Staring at the man Marco falters.... the girl was making him weak... but all the same he didn't care. For once in his life he was unable to bring down his dagger and simply slips back into the darkness. Though if he didn't give the family blood... it would be on him. That would not be ideal for this so gingerly easing the man back onto the chair he takes a quick detour up the stairs.

As he proceeds to enter Sidonia's room he feels quite guilty waking her up but making sure the door was locked he shakes her. His hand clapping over her mouth as she would most likely see a few splatters of blood along his collar but this would be from where his blade had nicked him. Something he didn't even realise. "It's me Sidonia... Marco" he says in a loud whisper... "I..." he trails off as he glances aside. Towards the window as he eases his hand off of her mouth. "I couldn't do it my love... I couldn't kill him" he says with a sigh. "Not when he means so much to you... hurting you... seems to be a bit beyond me. I thought I could but.." he lets out a shuddery breath, a brief moment of vulnerability. "However blood must be spilled... you do understand this right Sidonia?" he asks staring down at her as if waiting for her to suggest an alternative solution.
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Re: Point Counterpoint [M]

Sleep eluded her that night until the inception of dawn when her eyelids fluttered closed, only to open again as she glimpsed Marco passing by the open door of her bedroom. Her heart pounded and the pit of her stomach roiled and cramped as though she’d eaten rotten shellfish, but Sid was paralyzed to do anything. She shut her eyes tightly again and pretended she was in a nightmare, the kind that leaves you awash with relief when you finally wake.

Once he crept into her room and locked it, in two strides he was beside her bed, clamping his sweaty palm over her mouth. She could nearly feel his strong pulse beating from his nearby wrist and her eyes widened over his firm grip upon her mouth. And unexpectedly, Sid wondered if he was now going to kill her as he’d just done to Nicomedes. The blood droplets on his collar… she felt suddenly faint.

You’ve sown this poisonous plant, she thought. The Devil’s seed planted inside of her moist and willing womb and terribly dangerous vine is what has grown out of me. Might as well fashion it into a crown of thorns and wear it with pride, she thought.

But he stuttered rather than spoke directly, and eventually he removed his hand, revealing to her that he had not killed her brother as planned. Relief washed over her, and she abruptly sat up, her sheer, white chemise slipping off of one pale shoulder. Sid crossed herself once, looked to the ceiling and then lay her hand upon his cheek.

“Blood,” she repeated. Could the daughter of a Cardinal tolerate another’s death in lieu of her brother’s?

She embraced Marco, pressing her near-nude breasts against his chest, his masculine scent filling her nostrils, reminding her of all of their lusty nights. “I suppose I understand. Are you suggesting that someone in this house is still to die?”

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Re: Point Counterpoint [M]

Marco looks down at Sidonia as she pulls him closer. His own arms around her as he feels her soft form against him. He could see the relief as it washed over her then smiling lightly as he runs his hand over her back. “Aye….. I do not want to hurt you… so I cannot kill your brother but I need to kill someone. They will take my word for it when I say that your brother is innocent and he will be safe in the long run as well so leaving this city you need not worry about his life” Marco explains. 

His hand gently caressing her cheek as he leans down to kiss her on her lips softly. “I simply had… to knock him out… this isn’t his blood” Marco explains. THen smiles. “Hmm…. you did say you fantasised about me coming into your room… I suppose…. this isn’t exactly what you meant when you said this hm?” Marco lets out an amused chuckle as he gently kisses her forehead.

“I will take my leave soon… it’s almost daylight. I would like a name and where to find them Sidonia and the deed will be done. Meet me by my stall same time tomorrow with what you will like to take with you. We will leave by carriage and well….. unfortunately we cannot bring everything you own with us milady. Just what you deem necessary” he says softly. One hand on her cheek as he smiles down at her. “If you aren’t there.. I will take it as a change of mind and not hold it against you. You still have time to change your mind if you so choose to” he says lightly.

“I understand….” he glances away as he gingerly eases back from the hug to stand up. “I understand that it is asking a lot from you milady so don’t assume that I have the urge… to kill you for knowing who I am for you are the only woman who’s made me feel… whole since my sister died… in a far more different context I suppose but all the same… you are special to me. So just know that whatever your decision is I respect it”
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Re: Point Counterpoint [M]

Sid could not help but smile as Marco leaned in to embrace her. Her brother was alive, though even his aristocratic sister at times thought he should be caught, tried and punished for what… rumors? Suspicious whereabouts at times? The fact that he had no alibi the night of the murder?

Deep down in her heart, she knew he was guilty, but Sidonia least of all had any say over the Raniero’s activities. She was also well aware that Cardinal Raniero would protect his own son and heir no matter what.

But this was good, right? To feel alienated from her own family would help her to feel less guilt over leaving with Marco.

“I constantly fantasize, my love. When you are not with me, all I do is think of you.” Laying her head back on her pillows, dark curls billowing around her face and shoulders like a water maenad, her face was impassive, but her eyes were clouded with sadness as they normally were when they couple had to part.

“Why does it have to be me who chooses?"
she asked, pulling at a lock of hair idly. “You may select anyone in this house that isn’t family.” With a cold shrug, she realized she’d happily sentence one of the servants to death if it meant Nicomedes survived, and she could escape this palazzo which had become a kind of purgatory in her mind, the one that kept her from her fantastical dreams of making a life with Signore Romano.

She wanted to ask him more about his sister, but only let him go, turning her head the other way so she didn’t need to see him crawl out the window like the commoner he was.

No, she was not at all concerned that Marco would try to kill her, and if he did, Sidonia had fallen so far in love with him that she realized she could die at his own strong and guiding hand if that is what he was to decree.

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Re: Point Counterpoint [M]

Marco looks down at her with a sigh. Then nodding at this as she lays back. Marco eases up but on his way up he does move down to her breasts. His lips wrapping around her nipple as he stares into her eyes. Gently tugging on it. “Tomorrow… I will make you forget all of this Sidonia… it will be you and me.. against the world” he says gently. Kissing a trail down to her stomach as he reaches her navel. Resting his head against her as he eases up. Offering her a smile he nods.

“Your family is safe. As long as that is your wish I will do anything for you” he murmurs. In a way… ironically just as Sidonia believed her fate would be in his hands Marco viewed things slightly differently. He could not refuse his dark haired lover. If she’d willed him to turn himself in he would do so without hesitation for he was the one who had…. in one point of view ruined the woman. His own fate was in her hands, whether or not she chooses to believe and or accept that.

Marco nods at her words as he sighs. “There is no one… you are remotely attached to?” he murmurs as he then instead makes his way towards the door. “I will take my leave once the deed is done. Get your sleep Sidonia… I fear it will be rather short lived once the body is found” he says with a sigh as he makes his way down. Marco does clap his gloved hand over the mouth of one of the servants. Making a swift and clean kill. Leaving her laying where she was slain as he takes his leave.

It wasn’t long as he left the gates of the mansion that he heard the first of the screams as her body was most likely found, Marco would go to claim the rewards. It was his reputation that would most likely end up with him not being questioned but… it wouldn’t take far too long for people to learn that Sidonia’s brother was the culprit if they look into the matter. If unsatisfied with Marco’s work or simple having a personal grudge against the Raniero’s. Glancing back one last time Marco slips further away into the darkness away from the lights that now illuminated the mansion.
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Re: Point Counterpoint [M]

Marco reassured her with his words and his lips, stirring her to a desire that could not be consummated until the next day or night.
“I will take my leave once the deed is done. Get your sleep Sidonia… I fear it will be rather short lived once the body is found”

“I hope so,” she whispered as her lover slipped out of her room. Not wanting to hear anything throughout the household, she pulled her covers over her head and buried her face into the pillow, but even with the fabric covering her ear, she listened. And heard nothing. As silent as Marco was getting in and out of her chambers, he was equally as silent when it came to an execution.

Unfortunately, screams of panic from her mother woke her out of a sound sleep, though Sidonia was surprised she’d drifted off in the first place. And though she felt the pull of the dutiful daughter who would slip on her nightgown and run down the main staircase to comfort her Signora Raniero during her ghastly discovery, instead the young aristocrat, rose and quickly dressed and then began pulling a few gowns, sentimental pieces of jewelry and other objects she felt she could not live without.

Realizing that she’d packed far too much, she tossed aside a bottle of perfume, a gown that needed mending and a few other items which would only slow her down. Closing her trunk with a click, she quietly took it with her and when she was downstairs stashed it at the door.

Finally, Sidonia entered the room where the female servant’s body was but the footman, Enrico, began to push her out. “Do not look upon that sight, Mi’lady. Something went terribly wrong last night and your brother is missing.” Nodding, she went to the front window, noticing it was still dark outside, but dawn must be approaching soon. She hoped when the sun’s first rays lit up the front entrance of the palazzo, rippling off the canal with promise and golden light, that she would see Marco and begin her new life with him, as hurried as their flight from the palazzo may be.

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Re: Point Counterpoint [M]

Marco himself had to turn in the work. It was his own reputation that allowed him to collect his reward without questioning. Him stating that Nicomedes was not the killer was more than enough to sate the bloodthirst of the victims family and he hoped that this would be more than enough to keep them from investigating the matter further. Once he collects his own handsome reward, enough money for them to perhaps even buy a house! It was clear from the sum that a lot of people weren’t too fond of her family for they’d compiled such a large sum of gold. 

Now back at his room Marco himself collects his goods. Finally getting his own horse as he sets up the carriage. Despite this not being his actual line of work he might as well make things easier for himself by keeping the weapons, he could perhaps sell them later. Though he did have a healthy sum of money saved up over the years. Perhaps not as luxurious as before he knew he could provide for Sidonia so that she wouldn’t go hungry ever for a night.

The day passes by and word spreads of a killing in her residence. Which thankfully got the sceptics off Marco’s back who accused him of simple conjuring up this tale to get the money. Marco does away at the usual spot. Unlike other days rather than selling he ends up buying things for Sidonia. A pair of boots along with some trousers and all that would fit her. A smile grows over his features. His mind going back to those nights spent in the cellar, how the shirt had hugged her form as the two were there sweaty and tired right before they pushed themselves for numerous rounds of lovemaking.

Perhaps they’d spend a last night in there? He would definitely bring it up with Sidonia when she arrives there. In the meanwhile, he occupies himself to pass the time.
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