[M] Finders Keepers

Rizardo rather liked late evenings in the palazzo. After dinner had been served and consumed, Pierre was often out attending parties or visiting lovers, and once the servants all turned in for the night, he felt as if the place was his to roam. The butler was currently in the Comte’s den, going over some correspondences regarding Pierre’s lost possessions in France, when the door knocker sounded. Hopping up from his chair, he headed to the entranceway, and promptly answered the double doors, laying eyes on the man who must have been the Comte’s expected visitor: Leonardo Frascati.

Rizardo did not trust this new visitor of Pierre’s. Not one bit. Even the specific set of instructions that the butler was given by Pierre before the young man’s arrival made Rizardo bristle. As he brought the lad into the foyer of the palazzo, he noticed those wandering eyes, paving over everything lavish and not nailed down. Surely the Comte knew what he was doing bringing this tight-panted ruffian into his expensive home!

“Signore Frascati I presume,” Rizardo greeted in a clipped tone, bowing politely. “My name is Rizardo and I am the Comte de Belleville’s butler. I have been given strict orders to take you upstairs to the Comte’s bedroom upon your arrival. Please follow me.”

A flickering candelabra in one hand, his posture stick-straight, the butler led Leonardo up the dimly-lit, winding staircase, throwing open the doors to the Comte’s bedroom antechamber when he arrived.

Once Leonardo was inside and candelabra set down, Rizardo addressed him again, his arms folded behind his back. “I am told that you need to wait for the Comte in a state of complete undress. In other words, nude, Signore.”

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Re: Finders Keepers

Finally Thursday next week had arrived! Leo had been looking forwards to it. Of course he had not been bored or anything in between the meetings with Pierre de Belleville; he’d been working his ass of, in some cases quite literally too. And while it wasn’t bad every time, it also wasn’t good every time, so he really did look forwards to this. And not just because the sex was good and he’d be paid. The Comte had promised a large and luxurious palazzo where his own servants would wait on Leo for anything he wanted. He could barely wait!

He’d done all he could to be perfect for such a visit! He’d visited a bath house to get cleaned and scrubbed properly, and he wore a pair of tight, black trousers and a dark green shirt that matched his eyes perfectly. The black boots should be easy to remove, once that time came. And now he’d made his way to the right address at the right time and knocked on the door.

With and smile on his face, he took a step back, gathered his hands on his back and waited for the door to open. A somewhat tall and dark-haired butler answered the door and Pierre could not help but examine him with his eyes, now they were here. And why not? The other man seemed to do the same thing to him! He was allowed entrance then, nodding at the sound of his name – although it was his sister’s, and not his – and was then introduced to the butler. Rizardo. Leonardo spoke the name without sound, as if to taste it, and he liked the taste.

“I can’t wait to see that bedroom, to be honest, Signore Rizardo.” Leonardo said, stepping inside and following the man upstairs. His eyes did indeed wander over everything they passed by, but more in wonder than anything else. Leonardo had never set foot in such a luxurious home before and he was quite entranced by it. Think, to live like this!

At last, they entered the antechamber to the bedroom. Rizardo set his candelabra down in here, folding his arms behind his back and then told Leonardo he should undress.

“Of course that’s what he wants. I wonder why I did bother to dress up so nicely, when I won’t be wearing it anyway.” He rolled his eyes with a grin and pulled the strings by the neckline of the shirt to losen them and pull them over his head, revealing that slender and well-built torso of his. Then he found a chair, sat down and removed his boots. He didn’t seem the least bothered by Rizardo watching him. When the boots were off, he stood again to open his trousers.

“Does he get visitors like me often?” Leonardo then wondered casually amidst his state of undressing and he looked up at the handsome butler and couldn’t help but smile widely at him, “Would you like to get a visit from me too sometime?” Honestly, if the Comte liked men, why shouldn’t the butler do the same? It was worth a try, right? While he waited for the answer, he began removing the trousers completely. He wore nothing underneath.

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Re: [M] Finders Keepers

Signore Frascati was a just a big bundle of energy, wasn’t he, talkative and so excited to be in the Comte’s palazzo? Rizardo reckoned that the youth was quite poor from the way that he gawked, wide-eyed, at the interiors. Where did someone like the Comte pick up this street urchin anyway? At the unorthodox instructions to wait for Pierre naked, the young man just laughed.

“Of course that’s what he wants. I wonder why I did bother to dress up so nicely, when I won’t be wearing it anyway.”

With that, Leonardo began to peel off his clothing, prompting an audible swallow from Rizardo. The butler hitched a breath at the sight of the man’s shirt coming up over his head, revealing that sleek torso. Leonardo was staggeringly brazen, and not at all shy about his body, and what a very nice body it was too! Now Rizardo was starting to see the things that the Comte saw in the young man. Once the shirt and boots came off, Rizardo took the garments, and folded everything neatly, placing the shirt on a chair, with the boots underneath the chair, just so. Leo asked him if Pierre got visitors like him often.

“No. Not quite like you,” Rizardo said drolly. While Pierre did have quite a few lovers, he had never brought a whore into his home. Suddenly, with a gleam in his eyes, Leonardo asked Rizardo if he himself would like to get a visit from him. Then he removed his pants.

Rizardo did not bother hiding his gaze. No, on the contrary, he let himself have a long, indulgent look at the other man’s body. A smirk crept up on his face, as Rizardo leaned back against the dresser to watch the show. He didn’t quite answer Leonardo’s question… not with his words. The urgency in the butler's gaze would tell Leonardo everything he needed to know.

“I’m not as rich as the Comte, I’m afraid,” Rizardo said, arching an amused brow. “And I do not know whether or not the Comte would approve.”

Oh, Rizardo wanted something from Leonardo alright. Why should Pierre always have all of the fun?

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Re: [M] Finders Keepers

Leonardo was just 22 years old and although he should probably be over them by now, he did have an awful lot of those hormones running around in his body still and he liked to talk. So why should he not be quite the bundle of energy? Besides, he always got what he wanted and he was quite confident, despite that the job as a prostitute was nothing but a cover. He didn’t mean to live like this forever; only until he’d met with and brought down his sister.

He wasn’t thinking about her tonight though; Comte de Belleville was the star of the evening, and perhaps also his handsome butler, Rizardo! Leonardo laughed when he was asked to undress and then he began doing it. He didn’t even really put on a show of it, but he felt Rizardo’s eyes upon him and heard the hitched breath. Oh so he liked it? Well pity for him that Leonardo belonged to Pierre tonight… or what? Pierre wasn’t here yet. And Leonardo would not turn down a handsome man with coin in his pocket unless he was forced to!

The butler neatly folded his clothes as they came off, and Leo wondered if the Comte had many people like him coming. The butler said there were none quite like him. Good. He liked being one of a kind. Then his next question came; would Rizardo want a visit from him? Meanwhile, Leonardo removed his pants, wearing nothing underneath, which soon left him in all his nude glory in the middle of the room. The butler looked him over now, quite indiscreetly, smirking and leaning against a dresser. It would seem he’d guessed right, again! The homosexual Comte had a butler who liked what he liked! Since the man liked it so much, Leonardo swirled around to show off his body to the man.

Rizardo said he wasn’t as rich though and of course he didn’t know if the Comte would approve.

“He does pay awfully well, I must admit that.” Leonardo said and approached the butler, not seeming to care about the fact that he was naked; or perhaps he was enjoying it? “But don’t tell me you don’t want a part of this.” He ran his hands down over his own body, “It does not have to be tonight. Perhaps some other time. Another place. Unless…” He bit his bottom lip and then he darted out his tongue to lick said lips, “… you’d just like my mouth. I don’t think that would take long… and you may not be as rich, but you’re not poor either, are you?” He arched a brow, daringly meeting Rizardo’s eyes.

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Re: [M] Finders Keepers

Rizardo definitely wanted a piece of Leonardo, but something was holding him back, and the butler wasn’t entirely sure what. Perhaps it was his pride. The butler already had enough of the Comte’s hand-me-downs. Shoes. Cigars. Half-used soaps. A well-mended waistcoast. It felt a bit as if he were getting Pierre’s leftover men as well. Yes, it made him feel a bit foolish, and Rizardo would resist this creature with every fiber of his being!

But Leonardo wasn’t making things easy, was he? Naked, wearing only a broad grin, Leonardo came closer, immediately seizing upon the desire he had spotted in the other man’s eyes. Leonardo admitted that Pierre paid awfully well, then told Rizardo not to tell him that he didn’t want a part of this. The whore ran his hands over his own body suggestively, drawing a sharp inhalation from the butler who was now cornered by the dresser.

"It does not have to be tonight. Perhaps some other time. Another place. Unless… you’d just like my mouth. I don’t think that would take long… and you may not be as rich, but you’re not poor either, are you?”

Rizardo stared into the young man’s eyes, so full of devilish temptation. His own gaze flickered to the door, as if Pierre would come bounding through the doorway at any moment, then back to Leonardo. Oh god, could he? Pierre was due to come home any minute now, and he wasn’t sure if the Frenchman would be forgiving if he caught them together. Rizardo could not stand the thought that he might be cast out of the palazzo for dallying with the Comte’s whore. Another thought soon occurred to Rizardo, one that might get him off the hook with Pierre, and it gave the dark-haired Venetian a smile.

“Your offer is quite generous,” Rizardo said, grinning. He shifted a bit, breeches now tight and uncomfortable in places.

“But may I remind you that as the Comte's guest, I am at your disposal. Your obedient servant. Therefore, if you want something, Signore Frascati, all you have to do is ask.”

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Re: [M] Finders Keepers

Leonardo knew better than to expect anything back, when he worked as a prostitute. He was here to please others and not be pleased; although it did give him a bit of a kick that he could please others and the power he felt when he did it. They might be paying him for use of his body, but he was the one with the power, using the body for them. Doing what they wanted, but he was the one doing it. Really it was not as bad as it could be, and especially not when the clients were so handsome. He had felt a bit strange with a man the first time he tried it, but he’d learned to gain pleasure and he’d learned how to check a guy out. He knew what he liked.

And Rizardo was definitely not the kind he disliked. Also since he seemed so easily persuaded into wanting Leo! Leonardo had come closer to him now, grinning, touching his own body and did his best to suggest to Rizardo what his options were here. And that it wouldn’t have to take long.

Oh he was daring the other man, he knew it, but he kind of enjoyed it too. Their eyes met, but then Rizardo glanced to the door. There was no sound of anyone coming outside in the hallway just yet. Rizardo then looked back to Leo, calling his offer generous and then reminded Leo that he was at Leo’s disposal. Making it up to Leo what to do… his obedient servant? That was kind of tempting too, to make Rizardo perform fellatio on him instead. But that would kind of ruin the little deal he almost made…

“As you say.” Leonardo then replied with a playful smile and a spark in his eyes, “I want your cock in my mouth. And I want you to pay for it. So…” He placed his hands on Rizardo’s hips and knelt down in front of him. Looking up from his place, where his eyes were more or less level with Rizardo’s crotch, “With my permission…” He began opening Rizardo’s quite tight pants. He was so turned on by this, wasn’t he? Leo knew how to do this… he knew how to tempt a butler, who’d looked at bit sour when they first met, into wanting Leonardo… wasn’t this good?

When Rizardo’s cock was finally exposed before him, he looked at it as if he admired it and glanced up at Rizardo again while he licked his lips, wrapping a hand around the shaft in the same motion. And then, with no further warning, he wrapped it into his mouth.

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Re: [M] Finders Keepers

It did not take long for Rizardo to convince himself that just like the Comte’s liquor and cigars, he did want a taste of the Comte’s whore, after all. Just looking at the playful gleam in the other man’s eyes was enough to do the trick. And what a hard worker this one was! If anything Rizardo admired his dedication to the trade. At Rizardo’s suggestion that the butler was Leonardo’s obedient servant, the young man told him that he wanted Rizardo’s cock in his mouth, and he wanted the servant to pay for it, too.

“Is that what you want, eh?” Rizardo teased, his brow arched high. Hands quickly fumbled to come up with the coin, furtive gaze flickering towards the doorway every now and again. Hopefully there was time to squeeze in a quickie before Pierre returned. The butler had no idea how much the lad charged for this sort of business, so he held out whatever coin he had, hoping it was enough.

“With my permission…” Leonardo purred, opening up the front flap of Rizardo’s breeches. Good Heavens, he worked fast! The butler hitched a breath as his erect cock was exposed. Licking his lips, Leonardo studied Rizardo’s member with a wicked smile then began to suck on it.

Groaning, Rizardo immediately took the whore by his hair, holding Leonardo’s head in place for leverage. God that mouth felt good! It had been quite a long time since Rizardo had this done, and he quickly got lost in the feeling of those expert lips enveloping his cock and the way his tongue worked. Breathing harder and faster, Rizardo felt his body tighten, ready for a ferocious release.

Unfortunately, it happened just at the same moment when Pierre walked strolled through the bedroom door, merrily swinging his walking stick.

"Someone is ready for his sexy lion to pounce!"
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Re: [M] Finders Keepers

He grinned when Rizardo teased him, just because he said he wanted Rizardo’s cock in his mouth. Well that was what he wanted – partly because he kind of enjoyed this power he so easily gained over others and because it would earn him a few more coins. Before Leonardo even knelt before the other man, the butler had produced some coins from his pocket. Since Leo was entirely naked though, he had nowhere to put them, so he’d pick them up later. For now… he had a job to do and he easily unwrapped the hidden gem within Rizardo’s breeches.

And wasn’t that a delightful sight? He bet that would feel good elsewhere too, but that was for the Comte right now. All he had to do was perform a quick round of fellatio on Rizardo before Pierre would come to take over. Soon he had Rizardo’s cock in his mouth and the other man reached for Leonardo’s half-long locks, which were easy to grab in a situation like this. Leonardo made sure to take the other man as far in as he could, and whenever he had just the head in his mouth, he’d tease it with his tongue. The cock grew thicker between his lips and he could literally feel it throbbing; it wouldn’t be long before that release now.

But they never got so far. Suddenly the door opened and Pierre strolled in, cheerfully speaking of how he was ready for a sexy lion.

Leonardo almost laughed with the awkward situation and then he stopped sucking, glancing up at Rizardo and let go of the other man then – with both hands and mouth. He hoped Rizardo wouldn't be too upset, but they both knew whose place this was and whose orders they both ought to follow. With the back of his hand he wiped his mouth while he stood to face Pierre. His own cock was already risen halfway too; pleasing Rizardo just did that to him and he supposed he should make the best of the situation now.

“Ready for a sexy lion to pounce? Does that mean I get to pounce you?” Leonardo wondered, while he wandered closer to Pierre, taking him in. His eyes were practically sparkling with anticipation and desire. And Pierre, he was still as handsome as last time. Leonardo was quite casual, acting as if nothing was off, “I’m ready for you too, Signore… your butler has been so kind. Thanks to him, I’m quite warm for you now...”

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Re: [M] Finders Keepers

Now that was a sight that Pierre was not expecting! Instead of waiting for him in the bed, Leonardo was down on the marble floor on his knees, as naked as sin, taking Rizardo’s cock down his throat. As soon as Leonardo spotted Pierre, he immediately stopped and stood, wiping the back of his mouth. Poor Rizardo did not even get a chance to finish it seemed. What a jezebel this whore was! As his eyes flashed between his whore and his butler, the Comte looked as if he didn’t know whether to laugh or fume. Rizardo himself wore a stricken look, as if convinced he would be fired.

“Rizardo, you may be dismissed,” said Pierre with a flick of his fingers, watching with amusement as his butler buttoned his breeches and scurried away. The nobleman would deal with him later. Next, he turned towards Leonardo. Sexy. Naughty. Leonardo.

“Ready for a sexy lion to pounce? Does that mean I get to pounce you?”

“Indeed. I am ready to be ravaged, my love.” Pierre’s gaze was mirthful, but his voice was less excited than before, and pretty soon his lips began to turn down in a pout. A tiny flicker of envy burned through his veins before he could stop it, and it showed on his face.

“I’m ready for you too, Signore… your butler has been so kind. Thanks to him, I’m quite warm for you now...”

“I see this,” Pierre said, gazing down at Leonardo’s half-erect cock with an arched brow. “But I am feeling less special now, Leonardo,” he said, throwing back his curls a bit testily. Oh, Pierre knew he shouldn’t be like this. Leonardo was only a whore after all. He could hardly fault the young Venetian for doing what he did best, but still, he found himself with an unexpected pang of hurt.

“I thought I was the only man who got to have you today.”

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Re: [M] Finders Keepers

Pierre would just have to learn that he should never be sure of what to expect with Leonardo; he was young and eager and he knew how to do things. He grew up in a brothel and he’d learned from the best whores how to behave. And then he added his own cheerful touch to it all, of course. Rizardo had been easy to convince to pay up for the use of Leo’s mouth, but now that Pierre showed up, they both knew who was in charge. Leonardo noted that Rizardo’s coins were left on the dresser, but he paid no more attention to the butler than that. Not now. He had to fix this situation and he didn’t believe it was too hard.

Leonardo got on his feet and the Comte told Rizardo that he was dismissed. Leonardo glanced towards him while the butler got dressed properly and hurried to leave. Poor Rizardo, he never got his happy ending! Leonardo would just have to make it up to him another time. But for now, Pierre mattered. Leonardo approached him, picking up on the innuendo about the lion being ready to pounce and he liked the sound of it, when Pierre said he was ready to be ravaged. Did that mean he’d get some satisfaction too tonight?

The poor Comte didn’t sound as excited though, but Leo tried to tease him and say he was ready and that the butler had helped warming up Leonardo. Which wasn’t really a lie… Pierre said he felt less special though.

Leonardo reached a hand up to brush his fingers over Pierre’s handsome face, “You are special, my handsome Comte.” Leonardo promised him with a soft voice. His fingers caressed the face and the jawbone and the neck. He began opening Pierre’s cravat with one hand, while the other reached out to rest on Pierre’s hip and he inched closer to the other, naked before the dressed Comte… inching close enough for his own cock to be stuck between them. The hand on the hip slid around the Comte, fondling his ass.

“And he didn’t have me… I had his cock, that was all. I had to do something while waiting for you, right? Standing around doing nothing, that isn’t really my thing. I hate wasting time… and now, we should not waste more of our night together, should we?” He leaned closer until his lips were hovering over Pierre’s, “I’m ready for you, Comte. And I’m all yours… if you still want me…”

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