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Alessandro was happy that he made Elizabeth smile and chuckle. She certainly deserved it, for being such a devoted and talented artist! And she was beautiful and nice to talk to too, so he didn’t know why people would not respect her properly and he didn’t know why people wouldn’t hire her all the time. He tried to comfort her and she didn’t seem to mind the gentle touch to her cheek. In fact she just smiled and that made him feel good about it all; Alessandro thrived on touching and being touched in gentle and kind ways and it always made him feel better in any situation. Not that he felt bad in this one, but he could definitely use some feeling even better within his soul.

He had then said he’d love to hire her and easily then wondered if she would play at private events… she didn’t say anything to the question about her husband allowing it, so perhaps he wouldn’t mind, Alessandro thought. Elizabeth said she travelled alone and would love to have something more reliable. She said she’d be honored to play for Alessandro and his sister.

“Then it’s a deal.” Alessandro said with a smile and embraced her with both arms, as if this made him really happy. He didn’t care that people looked or what they thought, “I think this will be a great arrangement. And my sister certainly won’t mind either. She’s very sweet. I promise we’ll arrange an event soon then, for you… for you to play at, of course.” He said happily as he pulled back from the hug he’d given her.

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Re: Music Again

One of the things that brought Elizabeth the most joy was making others happy, especially through music but in other ways as well. So when Alessandro embraced her, she did not mind it at all, and even returned the hug with a bright smile. Alessandro seemed to be the sort who enjoyed contact with others, and it hardly bothered her to do the same. Besides, although she had not yet mentioned it, she was a widow; she had a sort of license to do as she pleased, and she happened to use that at any opportunity. It was one of the few perks.

“I think so too, and I look forward to playing for you and your sister. If she is anything like you, then I’m certain she’s wonderful.” Elizabeth smiled, glad not only to have more reliable gigs, but more than that, to have met someone as open and kind as Alessandro. “We’ll be in touch, I’m sure.”
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