Boredom leads to........

May 1792

Henrietta was bored. Which in the grand scheme of things was never good. Boredom, for this one led to any manner of shenanigans. Venice was a beautiful city, that could not be argued. However, there wasn’t much to do in the way of outdoor activity. She wanted to go riding or climb a damn tree or something thoroughly unsuitable but she was stuck indoors. Hesther must have loved it. All the time in the world for her blessed books. Such a bore.

With an overly dramatic sigh, Henrietta makes her way to the door joining her room with her sister’s. With a grand flourish, she throws open the door and dances across the room, whisking her fan in front of her face quickly. “Dearest Bunny... I am bored. Entertain me”

Henrietta stops in front of Hesther’s mirror and turns to admire herself. She’d put on her favorite dress for the day a beautiful rose colored silk. It brought out the color in her cheeks and went well with the shade of her hair. Pouting at her own expression, she plays with several curls hanging over one shoulder and then lets out a frustrated sound.

Hesther was penning letters, no doubt to their simpering sycophantic friends back home. The letters would be signed from both of them but Hesther was the only one that ever bothered putting quill to paper. Henrietta couldn’t be bothered.

Coming to Venice had been their father’s grand plan. Henrietta would have much rather have stayed in Boston. She didn’t want a rich husband unless he was inclined to leave her be and let her do her own thing, but husbands were rarely prone to leaving wives to their own devices. They wanted children after all.

That particular thought had her nose wrinkling in a decidedly unattractive fashion. Henrietta flits across the room, leaving a cloud of rose perfume behind her, and flops forward onto Hesther’s bed. “Oh Bunny. This place is so horribly... Dull. Let us go outside! Explore the city!”

The prospect of the outside wouldn’t likely appeal to the other girl. Given that the city of Venice, though beautiful, had a decided dirty grittiness to it that would aggravate her desire for a constant state of cleanliness. Not that Henrietta cared. She had always found Hesther’s obsessive Immaculateness more annoying than anything.

Pushing up onto her elbows, Henri drops her chin into her hand and stares with some frustration at her biological mirror. Though, exactly alike in features, the two of them were vastly different in personality. Not that anyone but the two of them ever realized because it was a well-kept secret. Henri rolls to the edge of the bed and bounces to her feet hands moving to adjust the skirts into their proper placements.

Back to the mirror she goes, checking her reflection once more. She tilts her head to one side, offering a coquettish smile to her reflection. "Hmmm." Parties. At least she had those to look forward to. If she had nothing else... She had DANCING
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Re: Boredom leads to........

"I could play the pianoforte later... Right now I am penning a letter to Honoria. She is most eager for some excitement in our letters... You know that her baby is to come any day now, and our letters give her something to think about besides her belly getting bigger." She rolled her eyes at her sister, who wanted to play whenever Hesther did not. Her twin was flouncing and pouting about the room, bored, bored, bored. "Don't you ever find a good book to read? I do... Most amusing books to keep my mind occupied and away from boredom. How is it I can be amused by books and be perfectly happy, but you must always be moving around?"

She sighed and sealed the letter in question after signing and sanding it. Then she waited until her sister was looking the other way, before grabbing the now, corked bottle of ink. "I think I shall make us some tea. Would you like that? I am sure cook has plenty of petite fours for us to enjoy." She didn't wait for an answer, just went and did as she said she would.

It didn't take long for tea to be prepared, cook knew their habits and it was about their usual time since Bunny was punctual about her tea. Today, however, she was going to give her sister a reason not to be bored... Once the tea was poured in their cups, she drizzled some ink into her sister's and then set the vial out of sight before moving to the table to set the tea.

She made sure the ink was stirred in quite well and then sat down all prim and proper, waiting for Henrietta to come out reluctantly because tea was so boring. Not today, though. Tea would be HILARIOUS. Bunny tried to keep a straight face, even so much as hiding a grin in her cup when she thought Henrietta was coming.

This would be grand, she thought!

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Re: Boredom leads to........

Henrietta scowls slightly at the mention of Honoria, that girl had put her out most decidedly by getting married and ruining their little trio of girls. "If Honoria wanted excitement she should have been here not there married to some overly dour soldier and with child." She hrrumphs again and fiddles with the bit of lace on her fan.

Straightening herself she taps one heeled foot on the rug and shoots her sister a dirty glare. "I do not know how you always manage to find fun in things like books when there are much better ways to spend your time." Never mention the fact that she was bored at the moment because she couldn't think of such things because she might hit you.

She minces across the room mouthing the word tea as if it gave her great pains before finally exclaiming. "Tea?! Why tea! I would never have thought of tea! It is not as if we do not have tea every blessed day at the same blessed time because you cannot allow for any disruption to your routine. Of course! TEA!"

Despite her protests, she doesn't take too terribly long to join her sister. It was not as if she had anything better to do, so tea it was. Huffing out a breath, she opens her fan and whisks it forlornly over her bosom. "Oh, why did we have to come here? Has father lost his mind?"

She settles into the seat directly across from her sister. Each movement a careful study of the other. Her hands fold in the same fashion as Hesther's. She waits until her sister reaches for her tea cup and then picks up her own, taking a sip as the other did.

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Re: Boredom leads to........

She set her teacup down, and then giggled a little. "How is your tea?" she asked, a wicked gleam in her eye as she waited for the after taste of the ink to hit her twin. And when it did? She was going to laugh and laugh. That was what the brat got for acting like she was dull... Why, the nerve of her! Bunny was pleased as punch that Henri fell for it. Her teeth were going to be black for a few days. Hah... That vain creature was going to be so mad but it was worth it, seeing as she was ALWAYS poking about and rumpling her nice, clean room up.

Bunny saluted Henri with her cup and stuck her pinky up as she sipped at her tea daintily. She was going to gettttt it. She waited until the moment it would register what happened, then she would get up and give her a curtsy. "And now your teeth can be as black as your soul feels today. You're welcome!" She started to laugh riotously, slapping at her skirts at the hilarity of the prank. "Are you bored now, sister? AHAHAHAHA!"

She could be spontanious! See?

She took off like a dart before her sister could get her, laughing with glee through the kitchen.

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Re: Boredom leads to........

It didn't take long for her to taste the ink that laced her tea. The look of horror that lit her features would no doubt amuse her sister for days or weeks to come. Her grip tightens on the fine teacup and she slams the cup and saucer down on the nearby table with an unattractive squawk.
"And now your teeth can be as black as your soul feels today. You're welcome!"
She takes in a deep breath and lets out the most horrendous scream. It was one that was very nearly loud enough to shatter eardrums or glass. As suddenly as the sound started it went silent. That was the most telling of signs. She didn't go after her sister... oh no. She went back up to their rooms.

Humming to herself she slips into Hesther's room all the while humming a song her sister liked to play on the pianoforte. Eyes are narrowed as she moves across the room to begin digging through her dresses. Not discerning in her choices, she doesn't scoop up merely one of the pretty things but all that she can.

Tossing open the window, she glances down at the canal below and smiles. With great precision, she begins pitching dress after dress out of the window and into the water below. She moves to grab more gowns, going for the ball gowns next and carrying them to the window and pitching them into the dingy dirty water. Underthings. Water. Gloves. Water. Hats. Water. Stockings!.... Water.

By the end of her ordeal, she's pitched the entire wardrobe out the window. Black soul. She was going to regret angering that black soul. She pauses and glances towards the bedside table where Hesther's books sit and as an after thought pitches them out the window too! That would teach her!

Tossing her curls over one shoulder she exits Hesther's room and slips back into her own, slamming the door behind her. Icy eyes move to her own wardrobe and she frowns slightly as if trying to decide what to do. She'd be caught no doubt and the inky teeth would give her away to their parents as the perpetrator of the clothing offense. It was worth it. Flouncing from her room, she closes the door and locks it behind her.

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Re: Boredom leads to........

The clothes didn't bother her... It was the book that pissed her off. Oooh, all over ink mouth, too! As soon as she found out, she quietly had her things collected for the wash, and then the book, which was now ruined. It had been her favorite book! That was going too far. She knew Henri probably locked her door, and fine by her. Papa was mad, asking how in the world all of her clothes ended up in the canal. She shrugged in false confusion, then turned and growled. This was war. She hated having to get dirty... That she was getting dirty, meant that she meant business.

She waited until it was dark, bided her time, and then she would wrinkle her nose as she slipped folded pieces of paper under her sister's door... She had used the pieces of paper to pick up dog poo from their papa's bull mastiff... That big, nasty dog.... There was plenty of poo to be had! She launched maybe twenty, smeared, then folded up pieces of paper under her door to stink up her room, and then a last piece of paper with a note:

Dearest sister, Dearest Shrew...
Enjoy this smell I bring to you.
Eddie gifts you with his dung
You've lost the battle, I have won.

And then she tied twine around the latch of the door, then wrapped it around the knob of a nearby closet so when her sister unlocked her door, she'd have a hard time getting out. With that, she marched to her own room, cleaned the hell out of her hands, and then locked HER door.

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Re: Boredom leads to........

The poop trick was quite clever of course, Henrietta had been napping fitfully in her bed when the poop laden bombs were slid beneath her door. Her dream had been quite interesting. That was until the smell. She'd been conversing with a gentleman of a rather amusing disposition when all of a sudden he began to smell like a rather dirty hairy beast. Dream Henrietta whisked her fan in front of her face to no avail, the smell simply would not abate.

It was after some time that the smell finally pulled her from her dream. Sitting up in bed, she screeches in frustration at the smell and then notices the bits of paper sitting on the floor surrounding her door. Rising from her bed she meanders over to the papers and picks up one, only to recoil. Hesther! Her attempts to wrench to door open are met with failure and she ends up dumping the folded sheets of paper out the window to free herself from the refuse.

It is some days later that she finally gets her own personal brand of revenge. Hesther had been wary you see, knowing her sister would never allow her to get away with the 'last word', so Henri had to bide her time. When she put her mind to it, Henrietta had the patience of a saint and so she waited and waited. It was one day when her sister had forgotten to lock the door when she went out, that Henri took advantage of the situation. Henrietta might had encouraged the lapse in judgment by sending her sister a gift with a note. She'd replaced the books she'd ruined, managing to remember which they were, and sent her a beautifully elaborate apology.

While she had replaced the books, she hadn't quite given up and when the opportunity arose to get her revenge, she took it. She summons her maid into her room and greets her with. "Eunice, I have a job for you" The maid nods and simply waits for Henri to continue. "I wish for you to go to the market and get me a fish. Make it a very fresh one" "A fish miss" "Yes, a fish. Tell no one.. not even me what you are doing. When you return bring it here. Say nothing, do you understand! Make it quick. Go go!"

Henrietta paced the room, half expecting something to go wrong. The girl wasn't gone for long but still. She sends the made away as soon as she has the fish in hand and peeks into her sister's room. Satisfied that she isn't there, she slips inside and tucks the fish beneath the mattress in the middle of the bed. It wouldn't smell right away but when it did begin to reek it would be a doozy.

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Re: Boredom leads to........

It took a few days before the fish began to reek... And reek it did. GRRR, Henri! Hesther had to dive under the mattress and get the stinking thing, and the entire mattress had to be replaced, it stunk so bad. Hesther didn't discard the fish, she dumped it in a crock with a lid, then stormed out to look for her sister... Then decided to go to where all the soaps were, found her sister's soap stash and smeared that dead fish all over the soap, squeezed some into various crocks, then dropped the stinky fish in the pot that her bath water was heating in. She had to wash her hands with lemon juice for the smell to release...

Once she was done, she gathered all of her own soaps and oils, then marched to her room and locked the door. This was really going too far now, she had tried to tell papa but he seemed too busy to care about their antics... As usual. Her room still smelled horrible, she opened windows to air it out and sprayed perfume, even.

Oooh, she was so mad that she could spit!

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