Finding Proof

It was not often that she was afforded the chance to snoop about. Her aunt didn’t leave her alone very often, always keeping a sharp eye on the wandering Aurelia. So, it was several days before she could launch her own investigation into the goings on of her father. She had to be careful. All of the servants showed more loyalty to the older woman instead of the younger, even though it was the widow, who paid their bills.

Once her aunt had left the widow called them all together and dismissed them for the day. Offering them compensation for the time they would have worked and giving them an opportunity to visit family or friends. It wouldn’t be considered that unusual since Aurelia did this on occasion. She liked to have time to herself and ulterior motives would not be suspected.

While her aunt was usually a secretive woman, her one flaw was that she never bothered to lock anything. So confident was she that no one would cross her and get into her things. When the house had emptied Aurelia makes her way into the woman’s office and slips over to her desk. Relia settles into the chair and pauses before beginning her search. Initially, she finds nothing of interest and any letters she comes across from her father just talk of menial things.

After some time she comes across a letter that mentions a business enterprise around the same time that Dominic had mentioned for his book being stolen. It wasn’t much but it was something. She sets the letter aside and continues her search.

word count: 273

Re: Finding Proof

Days passed... and he missed her so much. The days before he knew she was here, had been harsh... a love lost, a mind crimped of love... and now by some unknown fate, or purpose, he finds her... only to be thwarted by her fear of her Father. And his feelings were of anger at the man who kept her in a gilded cage... to put her here, knowing full well he was here... as if a delicacy in a store that could not be touched, eaten, or even tasted... only to gaze upon and let desire rip him apart. Oh the cruelty, as if his true life was a Shakespearean tragedy.

What she was doing, how she was feeling, and what was upon her mind, were all mysteries, for he did not know where she lived... nor did he seek her out, except to visit the market where he first saw her... with that as no consolation because a mere gondola ride in Venezia could take one across the vast city of water and masks.

He worked during the day... labored on his inventions at night... and painted on her portrait before attempting sleep... sleep that would be invaded by the visions of her.

word count: 206
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