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He wanted to push her away. He didn't like the games, he was just... still stinging in his heart from her betrayal. He did look behind, but only for a moment and with an annoyed, but begrudging look. He stiffened when he felt her wrap her arms around him. He didn't break her hold at first... But then he tried to push her hands away and she wouldn't let him. "Why should I?" The question was out before he could stop it from coming out. But he didn't take it back, instead, he turned around and pulled her against him, his mouth crashing down over hers in a soul searing kiss. It was one that should leave her knees weak, for it was filled with his angst and pent up desires. Then he broke the kiss and pushed her away. "No. No, no. This is driving me to madness! You cannot walk in and out of my life!"

But he wanted her. There was no denying that he wanted to make her his completely, he was almost shaking with the desire to do so. He longed to throw her over his damn shoulder and prove to her that there was absolutely no need to run like she had. Damn her, she was getting into his head and under his skin again. Lucca made a noise low in his chest, then he took her hand and he hauled her toward the door and inside the house.

He pushed her against the nearest wall as soon as they were inside, and his mouth crushed hers again, and he paused every now and then to mutter some things, "I love you.... I want to make love to you and show you there was no reason to be afraid... I would never intentionally hurt you. You have to know that. But I am a man, and every time you cuckold me, wife, you physically hurt me. It hurts to be unfulfilled. I haven't touched another woman since I met you. If you want me to be your husband, then be my wife in every sense of the word, or let me go." He knew she would probably try and take off again. Part of him was anticipating it, really, for it would only prove a point.

He just gave her a big key to him not being able to get an annulment. If she was desperate enough to keep him, that is. In the next moment, he wrenched himself away and jerked his hand through his hair and then walked off toward the bedroom, and she would, again, hear the door shut firmly.

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That kiss. Oh my that kiss. It did make her knees weak and leave her breathless. Dumbfounded she stared at him as if she were still shocked he could have that effect on her. She doesn't fight him as he pulls her inside, there's no running away as he presses her up against the wall and kisses her again. His words filter through the fog in her mind and then he is gone. Leaving her again. She glares after him, her lips pulling back from her teeth in something akin to a growl. He would kiss her like that and simply walk away? No.

She stalks after him like a predatory cat. Her eyes narrowing as she reaches the bedroom. In the light of day she can see the details he'd carved into the wood. She hesitates. A hand comes up and she runs her fingers over the carving of Najmah. She was done running and it was strange, that she simply refused to allow him to do so, even though she herself had run away for a month.

She slips into the bedroom behind him and closes the door, none to quietly.

"Now, you run away Lucca?"

Her voice was testy. She was trying to push him into reacting again. Her head tilts to one side and her hand lifts so she can untie the top of her loose fitting shirt. She steps towards him, hissing out a breath.

She murmured something inaudible and grabbed him, turning him to face her if he looked away. She moved onto her tiptoes and kisses him the way he'd kissed her only moments before. She'd had a bit more practice with kissing at least, since last she saw him. Though, he'd never realize that.
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"You don't want what I want," he growled, jerking his head back after a few moments, his hands moving to her shoulders and pushing her at arm's length. "I've had enough. Don't you understand? I just want to move on." But he still loved her, and she knew that sure as shit that he still loved her. It was taking everything in him to be the one to push her away. He turned to the ewer, then began to clean the sweat from his toiling away from his body. She was still there, he knew it, but he was determined not to fall again. No, not when the descent was too far.

He finished his task of cleaning himself up, then he turned to look at her, his eyes reflecting his desire but he was clearly warring with his desires. "I am tired, Estrella. Every time I let you in, you do something that hurts... And then I try to drink my sorrows away when I need my wits about me. I'm not running, I am walking away. There is a big difference. I will go tomorrow morning to make the arrangements for the annulment. It will be as if the marriage never happened. You will have your freedom."

Lucca hurt in saying the words. He still looked at her with love in his eyes, with want, but he also had the sadness in his eyes. He wasn't angry anymore, he'd had his temper flare already. Had she had light to see, there would have been wine bottles littering his bed stand, and those had been cleaned away. The drinking really didn't do anything but make him more miserable and he decided that he would simply have to focus on the tasks of his work, or of fixing the palazzo up.

He sat down on the bed and looked away from her.

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