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The way his voice grew husky, almost growling, was enough to send a shiver down her spine. She squealed when he lunged forward, and although she made a token effort to escape, it was futile, as she floundered in the shallows. Then his arms were around her, hauling her wet body against his. Her hands pressed to his chest, as though she were going to playfully push him away, but her eyes smoldered with need.

"Mmm.. so I can see."

The words were purred at him, moments before Averin captured her lips with his own. She kissed him back hungrily, her hands wandering down between their bodies. One of her hands moved to teasingly caress his length through his trousers, and she shivered at the thought that soon, that would likely be inside her. She loved how easily they ignited each others passions, and how good they were together.. now that there were no more misunderstandings. Breaking the kiss, she nipped at his jaw and breathed a husky murmur as she grinned.

"Or perhaps I should say.. so I can feel. Perhaps El Petit Drac can come out to play..?"
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Re: This Could Be Paradise [M]

Zaahira caressed his crotch and Averin's length stiffens to full mast underneath his tight fighting trousers. Catching her bottom lip between his teeth he teases it gently as he brings her up towards the beach and land. "Petit Drac? I am not sure if I should be offended." He trails off as they hit the sand of the shore. "Or if I should tear this shirt off and ravage you on the beach." He finishes with a lustful grin and he presses his lips to her's once more pressing her down into the sand.

Moving his lips down he begins to trail kiss down her jaw, her neck, her collar, her chest, her navel, pressing his lips against the sheer fabric of her shirt until he finally reaches her legs and the hem. He tacks the hem of her shirt between his teeth and moves back up tugging it as he goes until it is up around her waist. He looks at her with burning eyes as he lets the fabric fall from his teeth.
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Re: This Could Be Paradise [M]

"No? Hmmm. I shall have to think of a more appropriate name, then. But for now, please, proceed with your plan."

Zaahira did so enjoy teasing him, especially when he was already so riled up. She didn't stop touching him, her hand moving across the cloth-covered bulge that she could readily feel, even as he backed her up out of the water and onto the shore. Before she knew it, she was caught between the soft sand and the hard body of Averin, and he was kissing her. She kissed him back with fervor, moaning against his lips.

She uttered a soft sound of frustration when his lips left hers, at least until she felt them press against her skin. She ran her hands across his bare back and shoulders as he descended her body, her breath catching with excitement as he neared the bottom of her shirt, where it skimmed her thighs. Her fingers tangled in his hair, her eyes meeting his while a grin curved her lips, watching him as he caught the bottom of the item in his teeth and dragged it slowly upward.

"You know, I do believe this is my favorite view of you."

She smirked, shifting her legs apart in an open invitation while one brow quirked. He was rather talented with his mouth, after all, and she certainly wouldn't object should he decide to have an appetizer before the main course...
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Re: This Could Be Paradise [M]

"So greedy." Averin teases as he presses his lips to her inner thigh. Soft delicate little kisses trailing up, up, up towards that sinful place between her legs. "First you want me to sing your praises." He pauses a hot breath flowing over her exposed petals. "Now you want me to play an instrument for you." A teasing tongue flicks out to trace the length of her folds very slowly. "I think once I am done you are going to have to start working to make me feel appreciated for all my hard work."

That skilled tongue of his traces the line of her folds once more before he presses it inside of her. The thick pink appendage plunges into her sweet depths and he swirls it around tasting her, exploring her, teasing her. He looks up at her from his spot between her legs his eyes aflame with his desire. He moves his mouth in closer his lips forming a seal around her mound and he sucks in the flesh gently. All the while his skilled tongue continues to explore and tease.
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Re: This Could Be Paradise [M]

Her lids gradually drifted downward until they were at half mast, leaving her looking through her lashes at him as a flush painted her cheeks and throat. God, but he knew exactly how to drive her mad with need. Yet she wouldn't given him the satisfaction of seeing just how desperate she was to feel his mouth on her. Instead, she lazily drawled a response to his words.

"You know I'll make it worth your while."

And she would, too. But speech became impossible moments later as his lips and tongue began to assault her flesh which was slick with desire for him. She bit back a moan -- literally, taking her lower lip between her teeth, as her fingers twined gently into his hair. Her hips tried to hitch toward him, and she stifled a whimper. He was going to have to work for her moans! And she knew he would, too. Averin was nothing if not determined.. and he knew what she liked, because her legs trembled and her belly quivered as her muscles spasmed in response to his ministrations.

All the while her eyes never left his, even as she panted out words that fought to be nonchalant.

"Yes.. definitely.. my favorite view.. of you."
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Re: This Could Be Paradise [M]

Like always Zaahira fought to pretend she didn't enjoy this as much as she did. She'd be more convincing if she wasn't biting her lip and straining her muscles to not thrust against his face. He knew exactly what he was doing, she was an instrument he'd learned to play well these last few weeks. He increases the force of suction on her mound as he flicks his tongue repeatedly against a spot within her depths that he knows is particularly sensitive. Before she can get too caught up in this though he lifts his mouth.

Those sinful lips don't go far, just up to her engorged little nub of pleasure. He teases her clit lightly with teeth and tongue before sucking on it like a babe suckling a nipple. Two fingers sneak betwixt her thighs to work in and out her sweet slick depths. Back and forth, back and forth he pleasures the woman underneath him relentlessly.
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Re: This Could Be Paradise [M]

Zaahira fought to breathe normally, but as pleasure spiraled through her in ever-stronger surges, and her heart began to beat more rapidly, it was a battle she was losing. Finally, she could no longer keep her eyes open, or her head raised, so as to look at him. Her head flopped back onto the sand, and she gave up all attempts to seem unaffected. Her hips rolled toward him, toes curling into the sand while her lips parted on a breathless moan, that soon became idle babbling in Catalan.

And then his mouth wandered up to her pearl. She cried out, her back arching, and she fought against the climax that was hurtling swiftly toward her.. but as his fingers, equally as talented as his mouth, slid into her body... The war was lost moments later. Her hips bucked up against his face and her walls tightened around his digits as she uttered a series of breathless groans, her thighs unconsciously clamping around his head while consciousness was lost in waves of pure bliss.

She hung suspended on wings of fire for what seemed a small eternity, before they began to fade and she descended back to reality, gasping for air and staring dazedly up at the sky above. Her legs fell weakly apart, fingers petting his hair affectionately, and a satisfied grin claimed her lips. As soon as she could speak without sounding winded, she chuckled, murmuring in a husky voice.

"I can't even feel my toes. That was glorious."
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Re: This Could Be Paradise [M]

Zaahira comes apart in a most vocal and visceral way. When she came he knew that she was not faking it, because if she could fake anything she'd fake not having an orgasm just to spite him. Which made her loud and powerful reaction to his skilful ministrations that much more satisfying when she cried out, pressed her pelvis into his mouth, and attempted to crush his head with her thighs. When she finally relaxes he lifts his head and whips his mouth.

"And here I was expecting a snarky comment about how you didn't enjoy it that much."

He says as he crawls and kisses his way up her body. "Just to make me work that much harder the next time." He murmurs against her neck as he rests on the ground next to her. He was quite ready to take her there in the beach, almost desperate to do so, but if she could act calm and nonchalant while he was between her legs he could do it when he was aching for his own release.
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Re: This Could Be Paradise [M]

"Mm, I was tempted, but you've taught me how to show appreciation when it's due.. and it is most certainly warranted."

The words were veritably purred, her hands caressing his shoulders, chest, and back as he worked his way up her body. When he settled in beside her, she seemed rather surprised, but then she decided to take advantage of the situation. One hand slid down his front, deft fingers easily plucking at the fastenings of his trousers until they opened. Then she slid his cock out of its no doubt painful cloth confines, stroking it languidly while she pushed herself up into a sitting position.

She wasted no time in rolling over on top of him, straddling his waist and whipping her shirt off over her head, before she scooted backwards, so as to press her wet slit against his hardness. Her hips rolled, rubbing that slick flesh back and forth while she grinned down at him.

"Hmm, I may have to revisit my earlier assessment. Maybe this is my favorite view of you. We'll have to see how it compares, no?"

Despite her words, she didn't take him inside her.. yet. She wanted to see how much she had to tease him before he gave in.. or she did. This was her favorite game, after all, and he made it so much fun to play.
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Re: This Could Be Paradise [M]

"Nice to know I am teaching you something."

Averin says with a chuckle as Zaahira's hands explore his body as his mouth had earlier explored hers. Then his length is finally freed into her grasp from the tight confines of his sealskin pants. It had been straining painfully and he gives an audible sigh of relief when it is freed. His cock is hot and substantial in her hands still dry thanks to the waterproof garment.

He rolls for her readily letting her straddle his hips and he looks up at her with a grin. She set to teasing him relentlessly, it was her favourite game. Of course, he gave her that delightful oral favour but she could pay him back right away. She wanted to make him moan and groan for it make him all but beg. That was one of the things he'd learned Zaahira enjoyed, a palpable demonstration of how much she was wanted.

"Zaahira, darling."

He growls as she rolls her hips back and forth teasingly. His length was sensitive and all but aching for a release.

"If you keep teasing me like this I am going just going let it all out on my stomach. Then we will both be frustrated."

He couldn't actually do that, he wasn't that quick of a shot, but damn it he was too horny to be teased right now.
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