Chris Meriet

Christopher Marc Francois Meriet
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The Basics
Name: Christopher Marc Francois Meriet
Play by: Aaron Tveit
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 26
Nickname: Chris/Crix [To the drunk] , La prostituta francese , Le chien du roi [By the french revolutionaries he knew]
It is clear from looking at Chris that he was at one time situated in the lap of luxury. He has the body of a man who is clearly new to begging for bread and his clothes bare the hallmarks of luxury, however they are faded and dusted now and are clearly a few years old, some of the stitching clearly redone in different thread to the original in order to repair joints. Chris is marked out by his flamboyance, whilst faded the clothes he wears were clearly once of splendid colour and decadent fabric and he is fond of wearing ostentatious boutonnieres and jewels [what items he hasn’t pawned] His Auburn hair is well cared for and is upkept to a high standard, a luxury Chris can probably not afford but insists upon all the same. Crix has eyes like cut emeralds and he is very proud of them.
Crix is impulsive and secretive. He lies to hide his fears and he never likes to be predictable … or indeed to think very much before he acts. He has been described as hedonistic and materialistic , he is a slave to pleasure and comfort.

Since coming to venice Crix has had a series of one night affairs which may give the impression that he has some fear of commitment or that he is something of an immoral whore. That is not quite true Crix revels in sex and the sins that it brings but he is not scared of commitment in fact he is already committed to an individual. Alas he and his intended have been parted by the terror of revolution, this is just crix’s attempt to mask his pain.

The one night stands he has represented a greater trend of masking sadness brought on from losing his home and loved ones and beneath his large smiles and revelry he is distraught to be stranded in a foreign land. He is to some extent deluding himself denying that any of what has happened is real and thus making no effort to really integrate himself.
To Find someone to take him in so he doesn’t have to live like a gypsy
To make a new france in Venice
To see his lost love again
Character History
There is some … confusion ... over Chris’s parentage. It was clear that his mother was Countessa Elvera Meriet - Valroi, this fact was indisputable as she was witnessed giving birth in Notre Dame cathedral having gone into labour at her niece's wedding. An act which the niece claimed was an intentional attempt to upstage her. Where the debate arises is who the father is. The Countessa always claimed that Chris is the son of the infamous Marquiss De Sade conceived in the only pleasurable encounter she had in her life. This was likely just a convenient method of embarrassing her husband the weak willed Count Meriet who was never fond of confrontation. The Next potential father was the count Meriet who by rules of propriety should have been the certain bet as father. Of Course the Countessa was well renowned for her very frequent gentlemen callers and indeed around the time of Chris’s conception she was known to take frequent visits with a fiery haired mercenary from Ireland.

Whoever the father was Chris was not acknowledged by any man and was therefore declared a bastard child. This proved to be a continued source of scandal for Count Meriet considering that he was forced by his wife to raise the boy as if he were his own and afford him every indulgence. So it came to be that Chris was raised among the decadence of the french noble class afforded luxury beyond measure and trained in all the gentlemanly pursuits.

Life proceeded uneventfully until Chris was twenty. The count and Countessa had been married thirty years and finally the counts patience snapped ,aided by a tugging mistress, and he turfed his wife and her bastard son from his house. Chris’s mother moved in with her latest beau and Chris did what all vexed noble bastards do. He became an anarchist.

Introduced to revolutionaries by one of the Meriet servants Crix found himself moving in with a swathe of young bourgeois men, they had a sort of commune above a brothel and Chris whiled away a year or so smoking opium and occasionally getting himself involved in trouble concerning an end to excesses or something … he never really paid attention , this just seemed a nice way to spite his mother’s husband. It was around this time Crix made a connection with a man he would come to love. Though History does not tell of who the man was or how they met.

On the 14th of July Chris claims to have been present for the infamous storming of the Bastille, symbol of royal authority in paris. By that time Chris had grown to support the interests of the third estate and even acknowledged the need for some violence. He was still being funded in small infrequent care packages from his mother however he had begun to visit her very infrequently owing to her present beau's distaste for his troublesome friends.

Crix continued to play an active role in the ongoing rebellion however as the months passed things began to take a darker lean , as the shine of their noble cause began to fade it began to become clear to crix that for some the anarchy was just an excuse for barbarity and the leaders of the revolution became increasingly brutal. He resented their brutality and they resented his decadence, for whilst he had ceased to buy or receive new fine clothes and furniture he kept what he already had and was noted to like fine food and wine. He began to fall out of favour at a rapid pace and Chris’s severance from the revolutionary cause was made final when he became aware that a raid had occurred on the house of noted second estate conservative Duc Hedaince , his mother's new beau. He arrived to find the house ransacked , the duc hanging dead from his entryway chandelier and his mother huddled brutalised with a number of servant women having escaped with her life only by pretending to be a ladies maid.

Chris returned to his local leadership storming into an assembly to let out his frustration in a tirade of accusations and anger. Then he stormed out declaring that the group had betrayed the banner they stood under. Then he gathered his things and attempted a return to his mother but was unable to find her, he opted instead to stay in the Duc’s villa hoping she would return to collect her things. Word reached him days later that he had been found guilty of treason and espionage by the group in his absence and that if he were found by the groups soldiers he would be hanged in the street. Parted from his mother and knowing he couldn’t hid in the villa long Crix hitched his luggage to the duc’s carriage and fled to venice with other displaced french people.
He was sad to leave france and fearful for both his mother and the fate of the man he had grown close to. Still he had to think of himself.

Once in venice Crix pawned some of the jewels he had been able to smuggle out and sold the horse and carriage to rent a tiny decaying apartment in the darker side of the city. Now he must find a way to survive, truly alone for the first time ever.
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