Benjamin Ashley Monroe

Benjamin Ashley Monroe
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The Basics
Name: Benjamin Ashley Monroe
Play by: Lee Pace
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 38
Nickname: Ashley, The American
One of the first things that many people notice is his ability to command the attention of nearly every room he enters. His height and kindness do well to set a first impression, and his smile, genuine and warm can seal nearly any deal. He is a bookish sort with long yet thin fingers and often slouches when it is thought no one is looking. His clothes are almost always custom tailored for his long limbs and he tries to remain in a modest, neutral pallet. With a favor to blue it is not uncommon for he to wear a pale silk scarf against a deep brown or purchase a coat with a little navy detail around the hem.

Despite the heat and the humidity Ashley is able to manage his hair well, but do not be surprised to see it worn longer and curl around his neck. He is always clean shaven at the start of every day, but by the evening hours a shadow of stubble outlines his strong jaw.

His eyes are blue though he hardly considers them the same enchanting color of those he favors. He is very self conscious of his appearance and does his best to simply remain ordinary, despite his natural love of the world around him and all the people, places, and things that make it so beautiful.
As mentioned before, Ashley directs all attention on his person when entering a room, be it from his height or his full-toned voice he is hard to miss--and he hates it. He is a kind man and a very considerate soul, but few that make it into the West Indies are every unmarked. He feels he is a defender of innocence and a justice of the people, and though at first can come off as shy all it takes is one heavy handed debate to send his passions flying. He isn't easy to anger but once his calm is lost becomes a fitful slave to his wrath. This is why he is more than often found nose down in a book or distracted by some new species of flora, fauna and other forms of life
That France can continue with its war.
That he remains hidden.
Character History
A Lifetime in Octobers
The season of death and change.
October 1752: Born, Oliver Ashley Belmont, the first son of a wealthy tobacco plantation owner, Ashley was no stranger to having every desire met.

October 1758: Ashley excelled in nearly every topic of both his private schooling and public appearances to gain experience. He became well versed in many languages as well Latin. He was a very likable child and often stood up for his younger siblings. It was no surpass when at the age of 16 (1768) he expressed to his father his desire to attend law school.

October 1769: A very young Oliver Ashley traveled to London to study law, and returned to take up a practice in New York, despite his father's obvious disapproval. During one of his trips from the Colonies to England he befriended a young William Franklin who later introduced Ashley to his father. The pair hit it off instantly, bonding over mathematics and science as though talking of favorites passages in the Bible.

October 1771: Home for the harvest, Ashley was introduced to a new sibling and the only daughter to survive infancy. Sadly through the years they had not a chance to spend much time together, but Ashley came home as often as he could; at least until the Revolutionary War.

October 1776: Ashley sets sail as the companion to an agent of the diplomatic commission for the Continental Congress to France. The visit is to secure an alliance and treaty with France to which Ashley acted as the eyes and ears for Benjamin Franklin. More Info Here

October 1777: Franklin became the intimate friend of Jean-Sylivan Bailly, a French astronomer, taking Ashley with him for private meetings in the hometown of Bailly, Chaillot. More Info Here It was there that Ashley in the confidence of Jean-Sylvain was gifted a pendant of Orion to which he still wears around his neck to this day. They remain close and write in secret.

October 1778: The Cupler Ring being the most successful operation to pry information from British Army headquarters in New York, Ashley remained a servant to the justice and acted as The People’s Attorney. For years he would travel across the colonies and defend clients of little value. In place of wages and retainers he was garnished with names and information to aid in Abraham Woodhull’s Samuel Culper.

October 1779: He took a ‘wife’ under the guise of an Agent 355, to which the pair never truly consummated the marriage as Ashley had long since been promised to a Southern Merchant King’s daughter, word returned back to his father. Outraged by his son’s direct disobedience (as well the bitterness felt that he had already abandoned his duties as heir to the plantation), Ashley was removed from the will.

October 1781: Ashley could never return home, his identity compromised and good family name unable to be retained, he set sail for France without his wife and was officially declared 'killed in action'.

October 1785: Ashley made it his goal to continue the world of his founding fathers and kept to the ear and private confidence of Jean-Sylvain Bailly, building to the future of France until Jean-Sylvain became Major of Paris (1789).

October 1789: The news of his sister becoming a widow at such a young age upset Ashley enough that he left his companion in an emotional good-bye and left for Hispaniola in search of a plantation of his own, and a life to give her.

October 1790 A whirlwind of a year with his former wife coming to light and their marriage falling apart (it was fake to begin with so he didn't expect much else) Ashley settled into his new life and found his sister where he set her up with a wonderful new world of wealth. However, when the Revolution came and the island was departed he took off to the North where he had her married off to a French merchant and he set forth to Venice in hopes of starting over.
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