Narciso de Venezia

Narciso de Venezia
This character is played by:
Kat Age: 29
and all questions can be directed
  • Staying inside where it’s safe.
  • His fellow.. escorts.
  • Teasing people.
  • The finer things in life.
  • Stargazing. Books. Art. Cats. Birds.
  • Cruel people. Rude and uncouth individuals.
  • Those who try to abuse people like himself.
  • Liars and cheats.
  • People who can’t keep their word.
  • Bigots. Dogs. Children.
The Basics
Name: Narciso de Venezia
Play by: Miles McMillan
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual.
Age: 21
Nickname: None.
Best described as effeminate, Narciso has a very slender bone structure that makes him look weak and delicate, but he has a subtle strength enhanced by his graceful nature. His skin is pale, while his fine-boned features give him a semi-androgynous appearance. His hair is a dark brown coloration and is usually left to fall freely to his shoulders, his eyes a rich grey-green hue. His body is devoid of most markings, lacking any tattoos or scars, a rarity in his line of work.
Narciso is a quiet man, the sort who would go completely unnoticed in a crowd if it weren’t for his attractive features. This often makes it hard for him to engage in some of his favorite activities, which include reading, sketching, and studying people -- few things fascinate him more than the machinations of humans and the way the interact with each other and the world around him. For all his quiet nature, he’s very friendly and sociable, and has a ready smile that has often been called ‘enchanting’. He’s also a shameless flirt who loves to tease others, whether it be sexually or simply in a humorous manner. Exuding a constant yet subtle sensuality, Narciso is well aware of how appealing he is, and won’t hesitate to use his attractiveness to his advantage, nor does he hide the fact that he’s a prostitute. He’s comfortable with his sexuality and has no qualms about dressing and acting as a woman, should the mood strike, or his client’s whims require it. He abhors violence, and will only raise a hand to defend himself, or one of the few he cares for.
To one day be able to leave his current life behind. To find someone who will accept him and his past. To never be alone again.
Character History
No one, not even Narciso himself, is entirely certain where he came from. He appeared on the streets of Venice when he was barely five years old, scared and alone, unable to speak the language or tell anyone his name, or anything about himself or where his parents were. After nearly starving to death, he joined up with a gang of miscreants who were all in the same position, struggling to survive. They kept each other alive and fed, if only barely, but nothing lasts forever -- the group started splitting apart bit by bit as the years passed, losing individuals to disease, accidents, crime, and honest jobs.

At the age of ten, Narciso finally managed to gain his name, when a cruel man took him in off the streets, only to sell his body to passersby for whatever they were willing to pay -- claiming that the boy was the most beautiful boy he’d ever seen, he named him after the Narciso of myth, using that as part of the ploy to sell him to deviants of all types and ages. Narciso endured these abuses for six years before he was finally rescued by Renata, who took him in and promised to treat him right. He’s been with her ever since, working faithfully in her brothel, doing the only thing he knows.
Referred by Lily
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