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Yo! If you know me you love me, it's Jake! I make the best characters, tremendous characters, huge characters and here they are.
Theodore Solomon York, or as he prefers to known as just York. A young British Navy Midshipman from South London, he is afflicted with that rarest of traits: Being a good person. Kind, sweet, and innocent to an appalling degree he is always happy to lend a helping hand to those in need which might make him a sucker. However, he is a stalwart friend and his naturally kind disposition makes it hard to dislike him even for the people actively taking advantage. *cough that sounds suspiciously like Emaline.*
Edward is in many ways the classic bumbling professor. He is supremely intelligent, often having ideas way beyond their time, but he is also exceptionally forgetful. His notebooks are filled with ideas which if seen to completion could change the world but he often gets distracted by the next idea to enter his head. This trait has tragically only gotten worse since his wife and young son died in a fire he started, which leaves him prone to bouts of ennui or losing himself to his work for days on end.
Pirate, con-man, scoundrel, rogue, and occasionally when he feels inclined, a knight in shining armor Averin was raised first by the British navy and then by pirates which has nurtured a slightly skewed world view. He has a quick wit, a quick tongue, and quicker hands that make him prone to getting into trouble. Fortunately, he is downright deadly with a pistol, a blade, or his fists so he is good at getting out of trouble as well.
You love Quentin, you may not know it yet but you do. He can be most easily and readily be likened to a big doofy golden retriever. He is always upbeat, incredibly gregarious, easy going to a fault, and seemingly incapable of guile. He carries no phantoms of his past despite his tragedies and never seems to have an unkind word for anyone. He loves adventure, he loves excitement, he loves fun, he loves just about everyone regardless of race or creed. This isn't to say he doesn't have his bad points, he is fearless to the point of stupidity, he doesn't consult others before he acts, if he thinks he is bad at something he often won't try it, and it's hard to be his close friend since he never settles down. Still, there are few people who don't like Sir North at least a little and those who don't are usually the ones who got on his bad side, a hazardous place to be for one's health.
There isn't much to say about Volritch, he's basically Ned Flanders levels of friendly crossed with Jigsaw levels of creativity when it comes to killing and torturing people and Thanos levels of love for death. If that analogy is too nerdy for you, he kills people and he loves killing people. Which isn't to say he does it all the time, he needs a good reason to kill someone and he is always logical and reasonable. He is perfectly cognizant of the fact that he is a sadistic monster but it doesn't bother him because he has no morals, indeed most think he is utterly soulless.

Anyway, when it comes to plots I am open to pretty much anything so come at me, bro.
word count: 615

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