Duncan Campbell

Duncan Campbell
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Dravian Age: 34
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The Basics
Name: Duncan Campbell
Play by: Chris Hemsworth
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 24
Nickname: Dun, Dunk
When the highlander came into the world, belief was immediate that he would be a monster among men, and a youth spent marching in the army delivered. He rose to a height of six foot three, towering at times head and shoulders over others. Strong muscles, and shoulder length hair round out the look of a Scot, along with the kilt which is his natural uniform, even after his rapid departure from the 42nd.
Despite a history of violence, Duncan has always had a soft hand, and is trusted among the entire crew. His almost enjoyment of hard labor, and lending a hand to anyone has endeared him, and led to a level of trust and protection, from any seeking vengeance.
To one day return home. To better his name, for his families sake.
Character History
Duncan was born into the Campbell highland clan of Scotland, and like most of the big young boys, at the age of twelve, joined the 42nd as a fifer, and future soldier. While most joined due to their families not being able to feed them, Duncan came from a rich branch of the Campbell’s. Shipped out with the newly trained reinforcements, Duncan made it to America just in time to participate in the Siege of Charleston, though only as a witness. Never did he fire a musket in anger, following the War; he had begun to train as a soldier, rising through the ranks until he was a Sergeant. Almost all the officers of the 42nd were Scottish, save a few of English birth, those who considered themselves much better than the kilt wearing northerners “enslaved” by British rule. Cruelty followed, with men being whipped for the simplest mistakes.

Duncan even bore the boy’s wrath once, being broken from Sergeant and flogged for a made up crime by the Englishman. Hatred burned within all the Scots toward the man, even the officer’s, but the British officer was too well connected to get rid of by diplomatic means. It was when Duncan’s younger brother Connor joined the regiment, sixteen and wide eyed for adventure that became the turning point. A young, good looking Scot which made all the ladies go a twitter for, and it drove the Officer crazy. He was going to break that young man, but Duncan got there first. It was not gentle the way the man died, Duncan was a large man, with large fists, and they repaid every scar which his back would bear the rest of his life from the whip.

It was then Duncan disappeared, if one could call running for his life disappearing. He had killed an officer, some minor noble, with his bare hands, and even if it had been in a form of self-defense, he would still hang. So he gave up a life he had known almost as long as he had been alive. Skills of trade he had learned kept him alive, as a wandering journey landed him in mainland Europe, where skill with weapons found him work as a bodyguard, and kept him alive.
Though it was in Venice he found a home as a privateer. Never a fan of the sea, he met an Englishman that he shockingly did not want dead at first meet.

Alexander Archer, a man who hated nobility as much as he did, gave him the opportunity of a lifetime, a Marine commander aboard a heavy frigate. Hiding right beneath the nose of the British, among them. In time however, it seemed the Captain knew the truth, perhaps due to the Intelligence officer who was always by his side, but he was not tossed in chains, nor strung up by his neck. Instead the Captain never said a word, and Duncan owed his life to the man for such a kind act.
Referred by Kat originally
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