Leone Clavelli

Leone Salvatorio Clavelli
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The Basics
Name: Leone Salvatorio Clavelli
Play by: Raoul Boza
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Hetereosexual
Age: 27
Nickname: Leonitto
Leone is of above-average stature, with dark hair, light olive skin, and blue-grey eyes. His appearance lends credence to his northern Italian Lombard heritage. His eyes are steeled with a serious tone, but often smirks or half smiles with a sardonic wit and tone. He is fit and lean, indicating an active lifestyle. His body holds many a scar, reflecting past battles and duels. His garb is generally simply cut, yet refined in nature.
Leone is not a simple man, perhaps he was once but the recent years have jaded him. He possesses a sharp wit, but seldom speaks in jest with faces unfamiliar. Once driven by a sense of duty and honor, he now serves no master other than that of enthralling allure of coin; at least superficially. He may be mercenary in profession, but has a semblance of a code of Honor and some sort of "Catholic" concept of virtue. He admires willingness to fight for one's beliefs, even though he is cynical regarding faith and loyalty to a crown. He is Catholic by culture, but seldom attends Mass and is leery of clergy. He is a man of his word when he gives it, if he gives it. His service in the Hapsburg Imperial Infantry and youth as a Lombard noble cultivated a degree of martial skill and a mind for tactics. He admires the arts and would be a patron if he had his family's former station. He has a love for philosophy and history, often reading works of Giambattista Vico or citing the classics such as Marcus Aurelius' Meditations. He has a penchant for women and wine and, partly due to his time in service abroad, has trouble with maintaining relationships and emotional intimacy. He has a fear of losing his mind as his father was wracked by Dementia during his teenage years. Even though a large part of his life was spent away and he is unable to return, he holds Lombardy and Crema dear. He is conversational in German and can barely speak Turkish due to his service in the Austro-Turkish War.
-An Italian Italy, free of foreign domination
-A modicum of honor restored to his family name
Character History
Born in Crema, Lombardy on May 31st, 1765, Leone was the second son of the Clavelli family. The Clavelli family of Crema were minor nobles and of some station, gathering their wealth from their respectable tracts of barley fields and sheep pastures. The immediate nucleus of the Clavelli's in Crema consisted of the father Orlando Clavelli, a bureaucrat who was once a soldier in the War of Austrian Succession, the mother Alessandra Clavelli, the eldest brother Alberto, and the younger sister Diletta. In his early years, Leone lived in the shadow of his much older brother Alberto. Alberto was both taller in stature and, being the eldest, was favored as the scion of the family. While Leone did not resent his brother, he wished for more of his aging father's admiration and for ways to outshine Alberto. Being of relative means, the Clavelli men were afforded schooling in letters, language, and etiquette. Even in his youth, Leone had a desire to understand war and the history of combat. His early life was one of normalcy for a minor noble.

His teenage years were met with a degree of change, his father was beginning to mentally deteriorate with age and pressured both of the Clavelli males to mature and hone their minds for government and managing the estate. As the two brother's grew, the disparate nature of their personalities became more apparent; Alberto being near-cavalier about most affairs and Leone being the polar opposite, fretting about his family's future. Youthful ignorance was curbed by his father's expressions of distaste about heightened taxation and trepidation for the family's financial longevity. While his father was perhaps overbearing, his mother was creative and freeing spirit. Alessandra Clavelli was fifteen years Orlando's junior and herself of noble lineage. She was both educated and dabbled in music. Leone would often spend summer nights with his mother and siblings reciting poetry and song. Orlando was by no means disapproving of these "sing song games", as he called them, as he recognized the utility of well-rounded children, but would be heated by the costs of said activities. A very pious lady, Alessandra would often spend times aiding the poor of Cremona. Perhaps her love was her very undoing as she took to Consumption and fell victim to it by the October of 1781. Leone prayed and prayed as his mother used to instruct him to do in times of need, but to no avail. The death of Alessandra darkened the Clavelli house. Orlando, already setting into early dementia and mania was devastated and became colder to his sons and Diletta; as she highly favored her mother's countenance. By 1783, Orlando also passed. His death was no shock, but Alberto was utterly unprepared to take on the mantle of the head of the Clavelli. The Spring of 1784, Alberto married Diletta, against her wishes, off to the son of a neighboring family, Giacomo Vialli. The Vialli were also a family of bureaucratic minor nobles, but historically were competitors in wool production. Lacking substantial coin for dowry, Alberto ceded land to the Vialli as part of Diletta's dowry. Firmly against this decision both form love of his sister and from a business standpoint, Leone clashed with his brother. Alberto and Leone began to distance themselves. Even at parties in Cremona or Milan, the two were never counted amongst their respective entourage. That Winter, the two tension between the two brothers came to a head. The Ducal Government of Milan was far from pure, as such with heightening taxation in the County of Cremona, those with wealth were subject to increased taxation; partly due to corruption and partly due to heightened mobilization along the "Military Frontier" against the Turks. Neglecting to properly provide coin for tax, the Clavelli's were forced to cede even more lands to Milan and the Church. Leone was outraged by his brother's continued mismanagement of the estate and sought to leave Crema.

That year, he purchased a commission as a Fähnrich, "cornet", through a liaison in Milan. He was then assigned to Kürassier-Regiment Hohenzollern-Hechingen, as a dragoon officer. While not unheard of for Italians to serve in the Hapsburg Armies, junior officers tended to seek posts within Italy or at least he Cisalpine region. Even so, the Hohenzollern-Hechingen Regiment had lineage from Italy, founded by Count Montecuccoli of Modena. As such, these dragoons had a slightly higher representation of Italians in their ranks. While his early years with the Army were uneventful, the unit being assigned the normal patrol duties and training of a garrison force in Bohemia. Even so, Leone felt liberated. He was free of his familial strife in Italy, he could lead and be a soldier, and educate himself by travel. While his pay was by no means a fortune, he began accruing his own funds in hopes of restoring his family's own drying coffers. He would often correspond with his sister, explore wherever his duties took him, and charm the local women. By the time of the Austro-Turkish War in 1788, Leone reached the rank of Oberleutnant (1st Lieutenant). Serving as his Squadron's Executive Officer, Leone handled the day to day affairs and handling of the Squadron. He also served as Squadron Leader in the place of his Captain. At the Battle of Foscani, 21 July 1789, he did just that. Afflicted with stomach ailments or perhaps cowardice, Leone's commander delegated the leadership of the squadron to the young Oberleutenant. Foscani was a quick victory for the Austro-Russian forces. Leone's squadron was one of the vanguard in the battle across the Moldovan plains. After friendly fire incident at the Battle of Karánsebes 21 September 1789, and the accidental death or perhaps fratricide of the Squadron Commander, Leone again was thrust into leadership of the squadron. Rallying his troops during the chaos of Karánsebes, his dragoons were not caught in the cannon fire or lost on the banks of the Timis. While perhaps a small moment of triumph for Leone, he was shocked by the sheer failure of leadership he witnessed at Karánsebes; his distaste for the Hapsburg rule grew. He accepted a brevet commission as Hauptmann, Captain, on the eve of the Battle of Rymnik the following day and led his squadron thereafter. While the Ottoman Army was far superior in number, being 100,000 compared to the combined Austro-Russo force of 25,000, the allied forces took advantage of the Turkish overconfidence following the massive blunder at Karánsebes. Leone's squadron served with distinction at Rymnik, being detached with the Russian commander Alexander Surorov's forces, participating in the flanking maneuver that caused the Turkish ranks to frenzy and route.
Three months later, Leone would take a full commission to Captain and serve the duration of the war as such. Following the Treaty of Sistova in 1791, Leone took a billet as a staff officer and sought to return to Crema the following year.

His plans were cut short, as he received news from his sister that their brother was to stand trial and face execution for crimes against the Duke of Milan and now Emperor Leopold II. Alberto was caught in conspiracy with the Suffragan Bishop Alonzo Fazio to embezzling funds and land tracts under the guise of Church lands. Unknown or perhaps naively ignored by Alberto was that Fazio was a cousin of Giacomo Vialli. In the years since Orlando Clavelli's death, the Vialli grew their wealth and held a major share of the Lombardy wool market that the Clavelli once controlled, the last bit was in the slippery hands of Alberto and they sought to control it. By first alluring and enticing Alberto into crime and then working a back door dealing with the magistrate under the Hapsburg Ducal government, the Vialli would gain a sizable share of the Clavelli estate, ensure their cousin's innocence and subsequent promotion. With both written evidence and testimony, Alberto was forced to pay fines and forfeit his estate to the Duchy of Milan. His subsequent belligerence and refusal to pay ended up with that verdict being overturned from imprisonment to execution. Leone left Vienna and returned to Lombardy. He watched as his brother executed and cursed the Vialli and the Hapsburg-Milanese government. In this, Leone lost his brother, his family lands, and further degraded the respect he had for the Empire he once served. The Clavelli family debt fell to him and with the Vialli as his sworn enemy, he absconded from Lombardy and vowed to return his family to favor.

He has since become a sellsword, mercenary, condottiero, whatever one calls a man who's only craft is war craft. Leone now finds himself in Venice, in service to various merchants, crimelords, clergy, maybe even the Doge... He may be in new territory, but he is not safe. No, far from it. The Vialli, Milanian agents, and bounty hunters have not forgotten the debts of the Clavelli. A debt that will be paid in blood.
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