Bastian Ferdinand

Prince Friedrich Sebastian Ferdinand of Prussia
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Meg Age: 23
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  • Politics
  • Books
  • Salons
  • Good Conversation
  • Strudel
  • War
  • Military Life
  • Horses
  • His Cousin
  • Cowardice
The Basics
Name: Prince Friedrich Sebastian Ferdinand of Prussia
Play by: Roo Panes
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straightish
Age: Twenty Three
Nickname: Bastian
Being born into a family of Prussian and English nobles, Sebastian hit the genetic lottery. He inherited his mother's soft features but his father's sharp nose and forehead pre-destined for worry lines. Small lips, a sheen of brown stubble, and hair that he long ago gave up in attempting to control. Whenever it dries it fluffs up like a bird that has yet to grow into its adult feathers. He has the straight posture and broad shoulders of a military man though he never mastered the grim facial expression to go with it. He's on the short side with a sturdy build, but people tend not to notice unless they're standing next to him.
Bastian is generally reserved and polite unless provoked, enjoys his tea and books and has a passion for politics. He was exposed to Prussian court life at a young age and was immediately enthralled, taking naturally to the subtleties of etiquette and foreign relations. Despite this, he was encouraged to join the military at a young age and immediately disdained the lifestyle. He never saw the sense in killing men when simple conversation with the right people could prevent bloodshed. He wasn't necessarily a coward, it just seemed senseless to kill peasants when it was their lords who held the true power.
-To return home to Berlin someday
-That his family will never find him
Character History
In 1770 Prince Friedrich Sebastian Ferdinand of Prussia was born the third child and second son of Prince Augustus Ferdinand of Prussia and his wife (also niece, yikes) Margravine Elisabeth Louise of Brandenburg-Schwedt. His elder brother Prince Friedrich Heinrich Emil Karl died three years later and Bastian became the family's heir. His father was the brother of Frederick the Great, and Bastian spent his formative years with his uncle, learning the ins and outs of politics and military campaigns. Bastian's father found the boy too bookish for his own good and had him enlisted in the infantry early on in his youth, which made the young boy absolutely miserable. He detested drills and marches and above all he detested the cavalry. An allergy to horses was primarily to blame though he was kicked more than once and refused to return to his post.

His younger brothers fared better, taking to military command as naturally as breathing, but Bastian was more content in the courts and salons of Berlin. Debate and conversation left him with a renewed sense of passion for the world but his overbearing father and disagreeable mother made his home life difficult. He took to hosting salons and dinner parties at their estate and was the very picture of Prussian nobility, though it meant little without an active military career to his name.

At 21 he was given command of an infantry regiment by his cousin Frederik Wilhelm II, the new King of Prussia, and despite his proficiency in language and the subtle manipulation of conversation there was no way he could get out of it without appearing a coward and embarrassing his father and brothers. So he rode into battle and found himself a more than capable commander, however the enemy forces had them decidedly outmatched and his regiment was slaughtered. By the grace of God or perhaps dumb luck he survived, and dragged himself out of the mud and walked until he reached the coast. He signed on to a trading ship that needed an extra pair of hands for a voyage down to Venice and he never looked back.
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